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pdf 7 Important Study Habits for School
There are 7 steps we recommend you to follow if you want to create a good studying habits to keep you focused in school.
pdf How to Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten
Kids are fascinated by almost everything. They are known to be magnet for learning and new adventures. This is why educational experts suggest making the most of these impressionable years, especially in the months just prior to kindergarten.
pdf Story of the Chinese Bamboo
Families are often told that Kumon is a long-term program. There are great benefits of long-term study in Kumon such as: mastery, self-confidence, motivation, self-learning, responsibility, independence, self discipline, perseverance, and strong character.
pdf 50% of Grade 6 Students Fail to Meet Ontario Math
According to the standardized test scores, half of Ontario's Grade 6 students failed to meet provincial standards in math in 2017. Education Minister Mitzie Hunter said in a statement that "there is still more work to do, especially when it comes to ...
pdf Kumon Success Story: The Power of Positivity
Darshil may appear to be just a regular 8 year old boy. However what makes Darshil different, is that he has better math skills than most full-grown adults! "I'm working really hard thinking about space. First I wanted to become an astronaut.
pdf Keep Your Child's Memory Sharp This Summer
When children are learning new things they are constantly using their working memory to hold and manage details and instructions provisionally until they are transferred into their long-term memory.
pdf Why Does Progress Sometimes Seems Slow In Kumon?
More worksheets do not mean faster progress. While progress may sometimes seem slow, it is steady and comprehensive, and always at just the right level for your child.
pdf Is Kumon Good For 3 Year Old?
If you want your child to gain reading or math skills and are having difficulty supporting them or don't know any strategies to help them, then Kumon may be a good option!
pdf Do children still need strong mental agility when
Using technological software may be quick and easy, but there are real disadvantages that come when a child is so dependent on online assistance; namely, they will lack mental agility, fluency and accuracy, and they probably won't be using their brain to its full capacity.
pdf Tips From Kumon Parents And One Successful Kumon G
“We do Kumon homework in the morning when my son is fresh and not distracted. After school, he’s too tired and wants to play. So, it’s always breakfast, then Kumon.” Bonnie, Kumon Mom
pdf Home Grading
Home grading allows for your child to get immediate feedback and it will allow you to see exactly how your child is progressing. Learning from a mistake while the problem is still fresh in your child’s mind is the most efficient way to understating.
pdf Balancing Your Child’s After-School Activities
With sports, music lessons, academic clubs and other extracurricular activities, your child’s schedule can get extremely busy.
pdf Tips to Help You Become A Successful Kumon Parent
Want your child to succeed at Kumon? If so, here are five tips to help you become a successful Kumon parent.
pdf 4 Ways to Get Your Kids Into Math Mode
Not every child is excited about math. Parents often respond to this sentiment with acceptance, thinking, “well, I guess that’s just the way it is.” But maybe there’s another way to approach this. Just as you would psyche-up a child before a sports game, it makes sense to work with your kids to get them thinking about math the right way.
pdf The Benefits of Summer Study
Every child learns at his or her own pace. The Kumon approach requires satisfactory understanding and testing competency before students can move forward.
pdf The Benefits of Summer Study
The summer is the perfect time to develop and enhance your child’s Math and English ability and strengthen their love of learning.
pdf Half Of Grade 6 Students Fail To Meet Ontario Math
According to standardized test scores, half of Ontario’s Grade 6 students failed to meet provincial standards in math in 2017.
pdf Why Is Dual Enrollment in Kumon - May 2018
Being enrolled in both the Kumon Math and Reading programs is necessary to develop the whole child.The Kumon Math & Reading Program develops strong problem-solving and calculation skills & excellent reading ability.


pdf Reading Books Effects for Your Childs Development
Why parents should let their children read books? Do you know by reading books we can gain and explore more knowledge? Here are some reason and benefits from reading books.