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What is Kumon Connect?

Unlocking academic achievement has never been easier than with Kumon Connect—the digital evolution of the proven Kumon Method. Access your Kumon worksheets anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of a tablet and stylus.

How does Kumon Connect work?

  • Just like the traditional method of Kumon, students attend class twice a week and receive homework the other five days.
  • Students complete all assignments on their tablet with a stylus.
  • Each daily assignment will be ready when the student signs in.
  • Once assignments are complete, they can be submitted for daily grading and students will be notified when corrections are necessary.
  • Instructors can replay the work of completed assignments to see skill development and provide feedback even when the student has completed their work at home.

As a parent, you’ll be able to see your child’s progress in real time through Kumon Connect. Your Kumon Instructor can also send supportive comments, provide helpful study hints and adjust their ongoing study plan accordingly.

What are the benefits of studying with Kumon Connect?

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All the cognitive benefits of writing answers with the advantages and convenience of a digital platform

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Automatic delivery of assigned worksheets and adjustments, for example if a student is unable to attend in-centre class

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Neat and tidy learning with no loose paper at home

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Daily grading and real-time progress history


* Not All Kumon Centres are currently offering Kumon Connect. Please check with your local centre for details.

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What device should my child have to participate in Kumon Connect?

Kumon Connect is a bring-your-own-device program. Therefore, parents must be able to supply their child with a tablet and a compatible stylus with writing and palm rejection capability. Kumon Connect is currently supported on the following devices:

  • Apple iPad 6th generation or later and compatible stylus
  • Apple iPad Air 3rd generation or later and compatible stylus
  • Apple iPad Pro 11 1st generation to 3rd generation and compatible stylus
  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9 3rd generation or later and compatible stylus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite and compatible stylus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ and compatible stylus
  • Lenovo K10 and Active pen 3
  • Lenovo P11 and Precision pen 2

A quick and easy device testing process at the centre can confirm if your device supports the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Digital worksheets via Kumon Connect are the same price as traditional paper worksheets.
The instructor should be able to handle most technical issues. If the instructor is unable to resolve, they can consult with Kumon staff trained to handle the technical issue.
Yes. There may be instances when digital worksheets are not available (such as the device breaking, stylus not working, etc.). In these cases, the instructor can distribute paper worksheets as normal until the digital worksheets become accessible again.
Outside of short-term technical issues with digital worksheets, students would not do a combination of both paper and digital worksheets in the same subject.
The instructor would be able to provide paper worksheets for that class session or possibly provide a tablet to use that day.
The instructor would be able to provide paper worksheets for that class session or possibly provide a stylus to use that day.
Centres can administer achievement tests on the tablet or on paper.
If a student forgets to do an assignment one day, that assignment would automatically shift to be completed the next day they access Kumon Connect.
Class grading is done during class time as usual by the centre staff. Homework is typically completed within 24 hours by one of our grading centres six days of the week (Monday through Saturday).
Yes. Parents can see their child’s progress history via Kumon Connect.
Currently Kumon Connect covers Math levels 6A-O and Reading levels 7A-FII. Additional levels will be added in future.
No. Kumon Connect is a web-based app that is accessed from a web browser with a shortcut downloaded to the tablet home screen. Access details are provided by your Kumon Instructor.