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About the Centre


Kumon of Coquitlam - Austin Heights is located at 1210 Austin Avenue, just before Gatensbury Street. You are invited to park in the stalls in front of our centre, or around the corner in the underground parking lot.

We offer a large parent waiting area, and welcome students into our separate Math and Reading classrooms. Our early learners work with an assistant one on two in our Reading room.

We are proud of our space and keep a professionally decorated, organized and well-lit space in which our students can study.

Meet some of our main staff members under "About the Instructor".

If you would like more information, feel free to call or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Price and Fees

Monthly Tuition

  • $180 per subject for independent levels
  • $220 per subject for Early Learner/Primary Instruction levels
One-Time Enrollment Fee

  • $80 (non-refundable)

Please scroll down to view additional fees and policies.


One-Month Deposit

  • $180 or $220 per subject, depending on your monthly tuition rate
  • The deposit will be refunded if all terms in the "To Withdraw" section have been fulfilled. See below.

Tuition Policies
  • A discount of $5 per subject is given to families with a minimum of 4 subjects. A student in both Math and Reading is enrolled in 2 subjects. 
  • Tuition is subject to an increase each year.
  • Tuition is a flat fee due on the 1st of each month, regardless of the amount of work taken or the number of classes attended. 
  • The centre is closed for all statutory holidays, one week during Spring Break, one week during summer, and two weeks over Christmas and New Year's. Enough work to cover the holidays is always provided

Commitment Agreement

Students are to remain enrolled in each subject for a minimum of one (1) year of study. This is non-transferable to another location, to another student, or to another subject. A one-month absence may be taken so long as a minimum of one calendar month's notice is given.

Other Fees that May be Charged:

  • Bounced Cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) for any reason: $30
  • Lost Answer Book: $5
  • Lost Library Book: $20
  • Lost Math Solution Manual: $20
  • Lost Formula Book or Reading Resource Book: $5
  • Please Note: Refunds will not be given for any paid material(s) that have been found.


The first month’s fees, which include the tuition, deposit, and registration fee, must be paid at the time of registration. E-transfers are preferred, but cheques or exact cash payments are accepted. We do not accept credit cards. Starting your second month of enrollment, regular monthly tuition payments will be debited from your personal Canadian chequing account on the 1st of each month. We do not accept monthly payments from business accounts, credit cards, e-transfers, post-dated cheques, or cash. Changes to your bank account on file must be received in writing or via email at least one month before the next scheduled payment. Your authorization for PAD payments remains in effect until notification of its change or termination has been received. Should any payment bounce due to any reasons, such as non-sufficient in funds (NSF), a charge of $30 plus any outstanding tuition payments must be paid by e-transfer before the 15th of the current month.


· Students attend one or two classes per week. One subject is approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

· Arrive on time according to your schedule. Students who are early or late may be asked to wait or complete their work on their own at home for that day.

· Parental consent is required for students to pick up work (not stay for class) or to leave early. Email or inform the front-desk staff if your child needs to leave earlier than scheduled.

· Temporary schedule changes are not permitted. Only permanent (long-term) changes can be made. Email us at least one week in advance and before adding other activities that may affect your Kumon schedule. Schedule changes are subject to availability.


· Notify us via email at least two weeks in advance. Specify if you want work assigned during your vacation.

· Vacation work may be collected on your last class before vacation (as long as enough notice has been given). We do not prepare work on the spot.

· Students must complete booklets in date order and return all work, whether completed or not.

· Parents are asked to mark all assignments and have students correct errors while on vacation.

· A full month’s tuition is collected regardless of the number of classes attended or assignments taken.

· Make-up classes are not provided.


· Notify us via email or leave a voicemail at 778-822-1210 if you are unable to make it to class.

· For planned absences (birthday parties, celebrations, etc.), notify us via email at least one week in advance. In this case, work may be collected during your last class before your planned absence (as long as enough notice has been given). We do not prepare work on the spot.

· For unplanned absences (illness, emergencies, etc.), email or leave a voicemail as soon as possible.

· If homework needs to be exchanged, email or call us. We may arrange another exchange day and time, or place new assignments in a sealed envelope in our “KUMON” mailbox.

· Students must complete booklets in date order and return all work, whether completed or not.

· Parents are asked to mark all assignments and have students correct errors at home. · A full month’s tuition is collected regardless of the number of classes attended or assignments taken.

· Make-up classes are not provided.


A minimum one full calendar month’s notice is required. Month-long absences start on the 1st day of any given month. Assignments will not be given and tuition payment will not be debited for that month. As per Kumon North America policies, only one month-long absence per calendar year is permitted. Absences longer than one month will result in discontinuation of the program, and the enrollment (or registration) fee is payable again to restart. We recommend continuing your Kumon studies over the summer months as students have more time, and to prevent summer learning loss. Instead, if a break is needed, consider taking off a busier month, such as September, December, or June.


After the one-year commitment, a minimum of one full calendar month’s notice is required for withdrawal from the Kumon program or transfer to another centre. Email us to withdraw. The full deposit will be refunded by cheque if all the following terms have been fulfilled:

* A minimum one full calendar month’s notice has been given;

* The student has been enrolled for a minimum of one year;

* All Kumon materials have been returned in good condition or the replacement fees have been paid in full; and

* Tuition payment is up to date.


· A Kumon Pouch is provided for free at enrollment. A $5 fee will be collected to replace lost pouches.

· Students should bring their own supply of sharpened pencils, erasers, and a sharpener, to be kept inside their Kumon pouch.

· Students, especially in the Reading program, are encouraged to sign out books from our centre library. Students may check out one book at a time and must return it within two weeks.

· Upon the completion of each level or discontinuation or completion of the program, all Kumon materials must be returned. If lost or damaged, replacement fees will be collected.


· Homework Organizer A list of all booklets assigned are printed and stapled to your child’s first booklet. You do not need to fill this out; it is used as a tool to double-check your child’s booklets to ensure they have received the correct level(s) and amount of homework. If there are errors, call or email us immediately. When possible, check your child’s work before leaving the centre.

· Daily Homework Completion All homework is to be completed and returned. Students are to complete booklets in date order and return all work each class, whether finished or not. Email us immediately if students fall behind in their work or are having difficulty. Aim to complete one booklet per subject per day.

· New Concepts New concepts are often assigned for students to complete in class. In this case, students may work out of date order. If a new concept is missed and a student works on it at home, encourage self-learning by studying given examples and instructions in the worksheets.

· Daily Home-Marking and Correction Parents are encouraged to home-mark and ensure corrections are done daily; an answer book will be provided to you. Consistent support and monitoring at home allow for student success.

· Achievement Tests Tests are given to determine whether students have mastered the concepts in each level. Results are either given to students immediately or emailed to parents shortly after.

· Progress Reports Detailed progress reports may be requested to be sent via email. After COVID-19, we hope to continue regular parent meetings again where we can discuss student progress. If you would like to speak with Alice regarding your child’s progress at any time, email to book a phone or a virtual (Zoom) appointment.

Note: Class hours are for the benefit of the students only. To create the best learning environment for your child, we only speak to parents regarding student progress during office hours. If you have concerns or questions, it is best to call during office hours or to email us.


Food or drinks (other than water) are not permitted inside the classroom. Pick up students promptly. Students are dismissed as soon as their day’s work is done as our staff are unable to supervise them. Arrange a pick-up procedure with your child so he/she knows whether to use the centre’s phone to call you or to meet you at a designated spot. Email us with any updates to your contact information (phone numbers, address, etc.)in case we need to reach you for any emergency. Parents are responsible for their child’s safety. Staff and instructors are not liable for any injuries or claims inside the centre and/or resulting from going to and leaving the premises. Parents agree to take no legal action against Kumon of Coquitlam – Austin Heights because of any accident or mishap both outside and inside the premises.


Entering from Austin Avenue The lane in front of the Kumon centre is one way. Only drive towards Austin Automotive, and around the building to the back lane to exit.

Entering from Marmont Street The back lane is a tight two-way lane. Note where the one-way begins; do not drive around the building to the front.