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About the Centre

Class Hours

  • Mon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Tue: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Thu: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Fri: 3:00pm - 7:00pm




Welcome to the Kumon Math and Reading Center of North Delta! The North Delta Center has been in operation since December 2011, and operated at  Kennedy Heights Shopping Centre, 11954 88 Ave Delta.   

Our mission is to maximize the academic potential of each of our students by improving their math and/or reading skills following the Kumon Method.

New student orientations and testing are conducted on an individual basis and are scheduled outside of class hours. To schedule an appointment or to find out more about the Kumon Program, please call the Center at 604 3496488 or 604 3760702.

Price and Fees

Registration Fees : $50 non-refundable 

Material Fees : $30 non-refundable

Other Fees that May be Charged:

  • Bounced Cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit(PAD) for any reason : $30
  • Lost Answer Book: $5
  • Lost Library Book :$20
  • Lost Math Solution Manual: $20 




    1. Our class times at the Kumon Center of North Delta  are Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  Please make sure students arrive at the Centre with enough time to complete their work within these hours.  If you realize that your child will be unable to come to class, please call me ahead of time so that we can try to make alternative arrangements for you to pick up your child’s work.  If a student misses a class, all assigned work will be pushed back and reassigned to the next class.  Students who arrive too late to complete their classwork within the class hours will be sent home with it, along with their homework for the next several days.  

    2. Please do not ask for extra work without giving me at least one week’s notice ahead of time. That way, I can make a note of it right in the student’s file and avoid mix-ups.  A written note from you may lead to less confusion later as class time can be hectic.

    3. All homework is to be completed by the student, marked by a parent or guardian (preferably with a red pen, but not pencil), and corrected on a daily basis by the student.  This saves the student from having to spend an hour or more at the Centre (while you wait) doing corrections from the previous week. More importantly, if the student does not do his/her corrections on a daily basis at home, he/she may continue making the same mistake through several sets and may have to repeat that work again later to “unlearn” the mistake he/she has made consistently. This will slow the student’s progress considerably.  Any sets not completed at home should be returned with the completed homework at the next class.  This homework will then be re-assigned to the student subsequently.

     4. It is VERY IMPORTANT that students record their starting and finishing times.  This, in addition to the accuracy of the work, helps me to monitor the student’s progress.  If times are not recorded correctly and accurately, the student will have to repeat that day’s assignment.

    5. Home-grading guidelines for both Math & Reading are available and are provided to all new families when you enroll (it’s a good idea to review these guidelines periodically). Following the Home-grading guidelines will aid my assistants and me in reviewing and recording homework in class, thus resulting in a more efficient classroom routine (and fewer time students spend in the Centre).  Interpreting parents’ different grading styles can be a challenge at times, so following standard grading policies really helps us move things along.

     6. Parents and siblings may wait in the designated waiting area or outside, but NOT IN THE CLASSROOM AREA.  It is imperative that students be allowed to complete their assignments independently in a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  For the sake of student safety, do not leave students at the Centre while you run errands. 

    7. The North Delta Kumon Centre operates on a year-round basis, including the summer months. Understandably, students will go on vacation at various times.  Please give at least 1 week’s notice for vacations so that sufficient work may be prepared for students.  It is standard Kumon policy that work is taken by the students on all vacations, as prolonged absences will adversely affect the student’s progress.  If this is not possible, please talk to me. 

    8. Students are encouraged to attend classes regularly twice a week but once a week arrangements can be made.

    9. Answer books are the property of the North Delta Kumon Centre.  Please handle them with care.  Answer books are to be handed in once the student graduates to the next level. An answer book for the new level will be given to replace the old book. 

    10. Remember that progress is not judged strictly by the page number that the student is working on. Compare the time taken and the score attained each time.  Any decrease in time and increase in accuracy is progress.  Remember to provide a lot of encouragement.

    11. Progress reports with an updated progress goal graph will be sent out after the student finishes each level of work.  If there is a problem in the Centre or with the materials, I will contact you immediately.

    12. All information that I distribute to parents (newsletters, centre closure notices, etc.) is sent through the Kumon student, so please check with your child after every class to see if there is something for you with their homework.

     13. Keep your perspective!  Kumon is a “supplemental” education program.  We are here to help students do better in their regular school classrooms.  Nothing from Kumon goes on students’ “permanent records” and there is no failure by students in Kumon.  You can best support your child by:  

    a. making sure he/she completes his/her work on a daily basis.

    b. grading each day’s assignment and then checking that corrections have been completed.

    c. making sure they complete the work themselves.  In Kumon, children have the luxury of being able to spend as much time as is necessary to master a concept, as measured by accuracy and speed.  Giving them the answers or doing the work for them ultimately compromises student’s progress, as they will not learn concepts necessary to succeed at higher levels. 

    d. being on the lookout for students copying answers from the answer books or using calculators in math problems.  Keep these items out of your child’s possession during “Kumon time.

Job Opportunities

Classroom Assistant

  • Posted: March-04-21
  • Kumon Math and Reading Centre of North Delta requires Assistant to work with elementary and high school students in a classroom and online environment. Assistants will have excellent academic reading, writing, verbal communication and numeracy skills and good ability to assess academic needs of students through observation.
    Assistants must have strong grasp of the following mathematical concepts:

    • Basic arithmetic
    • Long Division/fraction/four operation
    • Algebra
    Assistants will also have a good command of the English language and be able to guide students through reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and grammar exercises. Knowledge of phonics and early learning literacy are an asset.
    Assistants must be willing to undergo a criminal record search and vulnerable sector screen
    Assistants must be adaptable, dependable, efficient and willing to learn new curriculum within a short time frame. Candidates must be available to work limited, part-time hours year round on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. (hours are flexible).
    The following applicants are welcome to apply:

    • University student seeking part-time employment and experience working with students;
    • Prospective applicants to the teaching programs at SFU and UBC;
    • Retired teachers and Education Assistants seeking to supplements their income with rewarding work
    We offer a training wage and increases based on Assistants previous years of experience working with children as well as performance in our classroom.

    Please include a cover letter and one reference with a resume. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email.