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Virtual Classes Available

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We are providing both in-center classes and live, virtual instruction to ensure that students continue to develop confidence,independence, and academic success!

Your children's continuous academic development is our #1 priority. Each day in Kumon, we aim to foster our students’ math and reading skills and develop them to become independent self-learners who are confident to tackle any new challenge. 

We currently offer in-center ParentOrientations. If you feel comfortable coming to the Center, Ms. Rupal will meet with you and conduct Placement Testing with your child while following social distancing guidelines. To book an appointment, please call or click the "Schedule Orientation" icon now! To learn more about the Kumon program, please view the video below.

Due to Covid-19, many students are experiencing the “CovidSlide”. Please view the infographic below and contact Kumon of Johns Creek South to get your student started on their Kumon journey to success.

Center Health and Safety Policy for COVID-19

We are taking many steps to limit student interaction and keep the center clean.We ask that you support our efforts by following the guidelines regarding student hygiene within the Center Cleanliness Policy. Please remember that these rules are meant to protect all staff members, students, and families who visit the center.

In an effort to maintain a healthy and clean Kumon Center, we will:

Minimize student density: no more than 8 students will be in the center at one time.  Students will be seated one student per table, a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Close the Parent Waiting Area.Parents are asked to wait for their students in their vehicle.

Implement an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting routine for equipment and frequently touched surfaces.

Provide enhanced hygiene,cleaning, and disinfecting protocols with related training for staff.

Strongly recommend anyone who enters the center wear a mask. The assistants and I will also wear masks.

Provide and encourage regular use of hand sanitizers upon entering and exiting the center.

We ask that parents and students support our efforts by:

Having students bring their own pencils, eraser, and pencil sharpener (if necessary.)

Encouraging proper student hygiene. Students must wash their hands before coming to class. They will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the center.

Providing your child with a mask. Recognizing that masks are in limited supply, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released appropriate use guidelines for non-medical masks.

Ensuring your child does not have a large beverage before class and that they have used other bathroom facilities, if needed, before attending the center. The bathroom facilities at the center will be for emergency only as a precautionary measure.

Not sending children to class who are ill with fever and/or infectious respiratory symptoms or other health conditions until they are well again. If you suspect your child has contracted any illness, it is important that he/she does not attend Kumon until he/she is no longer symptomatic.

Ages 3 plus Come see how Kumon can benefit your kids

At the orientation, you'll find out how Kumon's unique approach to learning can help your kids:

  • Master math and reading, often helping them earn their best grades ever
  • Build study skills such as confidence, focus and work ethic
  • Reduce homework stress and test anxiety

Your kids will complete a placement test that will give you:

  • Valuable insights into where they stand in their learning
  • A recommended progression path that shows what your kids can achieve in their first six months of Kumon

The instructor will prepare an individualized lesson plan for your kids and support them as they progress through Kumon.

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