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Center Updates

Local Richmond Resident Opens Kumon Math and Reading Center after Seeking Enrichment Opportunities for her Own Children

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Richmond-Libbie Now Taking Enrollments

TEANECK, N.J., Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Anh Nguyen's children had a desire to be challenged academically. Not wanting them to become bored in school, she researched supplemental education opportunities and came across the Kumon Math and Reading Program. Realizing her local community could benefit from this type of learning program, she decided to join the world's largest education franchise by opening Kumon Math and Reading Center of Richmond - Libbie.

"I've always had a passion for numbers and a passion for working with children and I thought I can fulfill both of those passions while also providing for my family and giving learning opportunities to not only my kids but also the community," said Nguyen, owner and Instructor of Kumon Math and Reading Center of Richmond-Libbie. "I decided to walk-away from a stable corporate career because I really saw a need for Kumon in my community. Whether children need a little extra help or are looking to be challenged, I hope to foster confident, independent learners.

The Kumon Method empowers preschool to high school aged children to become self-learners and is designed to advance math and reading skills while fostering a love for learning. It goes beyond traditional tutoring by actively developing critical thinking skills as children progress independently through a carefully crafted curriculum.

There are 41 Kumon Math and Reading Centers in the state of Virginia, including seven in Greater Richmond. The new center in Richmond-Libbie is part of Kumon's 2018 expansion plan of welcoming 100 new franchisees nationwide.

"As parents continue to prioritize educational opportunities outside of the classroom, Kumon is committed to delivering the highest quality education to as many children as possible," said Larry Lambert, vice president of franchise recruitment at Kumon North America. "We are fortunate for the opportunity to bring the benefits of the Kumon Math and Reading Program to even more children in the community of Richmond."

SOURCE Kumon North America

How to Enroll Your Child

Step 1
Call the center to book a free Parent Orientation and Placement Test for your child.
Step 2
Attend the Parent Orientation, and have your child take the placement test. Meet with your instructor to learn about Kumon’s individualized learning method, and review the results from your child’s placement test.
Step 3
Review your child’s progress goal plan. Based on your child’s placement test results, the instructor will create a one-year academic plan to help your child reach his or her goals.
Step 4
Enroll your child. Students will attend the center twice a week, and complete daily assignments at home. Your instructor will design an individualized lesson plan for your child that will be monitored, and changed as needed to be sure he or she is on track to reach his or her goals.
Step 5
Schedule your 30-day post-enrollment meeting. Your instructor will set a date to meet with your family after 30 days of enrollment to evaluate your child’s performance and ensure the program is going smoothly.