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Aalisha and The Road to Success

Aalisha’s Story: The Road to Success

Every Kumon student’s journey differs but the end goal remains the same: to achieve personal goals! We heard from Aalisha Sugur’s mom about her daughter’s road to success and her thoughts on Kumon.


How did you hear about Kumon?

We learned about the Kumon program from our friends and relatives. It’s a great program and we have always wanted to enroll Aalisha.

Why did you enroll Aalisha in Kumon?

Kumon is a great learning experience that can begin at an early age. It builds confidence and problem solving skills early on. It also builds a strong foundation in academic reading and math. We have always wanted Aalisha to develop these skills and have an edge going ahead in her future.

the road to success can always be found


How soon after enrolling in Kumon did you notice improvement/change?

Initially, we had a difficult time and then we changed our routine. In our new routine, we planned ahead and made time to read together regularly which helped her keep up with the program. We noticed improvement within 4-5 months which was faster than we expected.


How has Kumon helped Aalisha?

Kumon has changed Aalisha’s perspective towards life. It has helped her to be confident, self-motivated, independent and more determined to achieve her goals. Kumon has helped her with self-realization, what one can achieve with hard work and strong focus, not only in studies but in various other domains in life.


How has your Kumon Instructor supported you throughout this process?

Samir and Salima have been great role models and support for Aalisha. There have been times she has found it difficult to carry on but their constant encouragement and motivation has helped her excel.

the road to success needs to be found


What are your hopes and dreams for Aalisha?

We would like Aalisha to achieve any goal she sets her eye on and can make the best choices for her future.


Would you recommend Kumon to other families?

Yes definitely, we have always recommended the Kumon program to all our friends and relatives.  It is one of the best choices parents can make for their kids. We also encourage Aalisha to share her Kumon experience with her friends.