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From Average to Excellent


Sherilyn’s Story: Excellence

Meet Sherilyn. She is 14 years old and has received numerous awards and recognition for both her academic and sports activities. She started the Kumon math program when she was five years old and two years later, she enrolled in Kumon’s reading program. As school became easier for Sherilyn, she had more time to focus on her extracurricular activities.

Not only did she complete the reading program in three and a half years but she has won the silver medal for speed skating at the BC Short Track, made it into Team BC to compete in the Canada West Speed Skating Nationals and won the Age Class Championship for BC.


The Kumon Connection

According to Sherilyn’s mother, Connie, “Kumon has definitely increased her confidence and perseverance. Being advanced in all her school subjects, she is usually asked to be the teachers’ assistant in class. Her Math and English skills have been complimented by her school teachers as “Exceeding Expectations”.

Sherilyn’s mom proudly shared some of Sherilyn’s accomplishments:

  • she completed the Kumon Reading program in grade 5
  • she is 2 years ahead of her school level in math and was 3 years ahead in reading (before completing the program)
  • she received the G by 5 in both Math and Reading
  • she was Top 20 in North America in 2011 in the Reading program
  • she was Top 10 in Reading in Canada in 2010 and 2011
  • First Class Honours in School since Grade 5 (School average around 95%)
  • 2014 Age Class Champion in Canada West Nationals for Speed Skating
  • Junior Female Athlete of the Year in 2015- Sports Wall of Fame in Poirier Sports Complex


you are never too young to be a winner


Work Hard – People Notice!

Sherilyn’s Kumon Instructor, Alice Yuan from the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Coquitlam – Austin Heights, works closely with her and says that “Sherilyn always studied proactively, growing in independence as the years went by, not giving up when challenges came. I never had to ask her to concentrate or try harder. In fact, I often asked her whether she really understood the difficult materials in the high levels of the Reading program, and whether she can continue to advance so quickly – she did and she absolutely could. Had I been less cautious, she might have finished the reading program in grade 4! Now, at the beginning of grade 9, she continues to study math level J, striving for level L calculus or more. Sherilyn is an inspiration to other students, especially new students.”

When asked about her Kumon experience, Sherilyn said “Kumon has helped me in so many ways! Before I was in Kumon, I always got B’s and maybe one A. After I joined, everything at school suddenly became easier. My mom and dad really saw the improvement in less than a year! At school, I used to ask the teacher for help. Now, people are asking me for help because Kumon helped me breeze through my homework. Kumon is a necessity for me now and I hope everyone who’s curious about it will try Kumon out and see how helpful it is.”


achievement comes with hard work and dedication


Encourage your child to become an independent learner and visit a Kumon centre near you to learn more about the resources available to you and your child.