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How to Set (and Keep!) New Year’s Resolutions


A new year and a new you – it’s a phrase we commonly hear when the new year is right around the corner. While fitness and diet might be most common for parents, for your children, you may want to consider setting some educational goals that you’d like to help them achieve in and outside of school.

It’s important to help your child set both long and short term goals. When doing so, it is important to understanding your child’s unique capabilities and pace. Setting realistic goals will help them believe they can accomplish what has been set out. Here’s how you can ensure their New Year’s resolutions are achieved:

math tips - how to set and keep new years resolutions


Observe The Present

new years resolutions - observe the present


Understanding how your child is doing in and outside of school is the first step. Grades and feedback on your child’s report card is one indication but think about the habits you’ve observed at home when your child has been studying. What subjects did they spend more time on? Did any cause frustration? The way your child has approached different subject matter at home is a good indication of their knowledge and level of comfort.


Identify The Priorities

new years resolution - identify the priorities


Once you figure out how and where your child can improve, discuss how you will help them achieve this by setting clear goals. Whether that means improving their math grades or reading at a higher level, it is important to outline steps and an end goal. Write it down so you and your child don’t forget, and feel committed. Make it fun by putting it out on a homemade resolutions card or new calendar that your child has picked out.


Establish a Routine

new years resolution - establish a routine


Once you have goals and steps written out, establish a routine to achieve results. Indicate what needs to be done on a daily basis and make sure there is both time and energy to keep up with this routine. Reward key milestones by getting a new book or enjoying a tasty treat!

These three tips should help you gain a better understanding of what can be done and how to get there. Through careful observation, identification of priorities and establishing routine, you’ll watch your child’s resolutions become achieved goals throughout 2017! As always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.

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