Maximizing a Child’s Curiosity and Passion for Learning

Maximizing a Child’s Curiosity and Passion for Learning


Kaavya’s Story: Curiosity and Passion

There was something special about Kaavya that her mom, Shobha, recognized early on which has brought her to where she is today. Kaavya was always passionate about math – the way she played with numbers, her high scores in school, and just how easy it was for her to understand advanced concepts, were all clear indications for her mom. By feeding her daughter’s passion, Shobha helped Kaavya strive to become the best she can be at math and beyond.

success story - maximizing a child's curiosity for learning


Kaavya was a shy girl growing up, but she soon started believing in herself and her abilities which she discovered through Kumon. Seeing continued success in math through Kumon, she began to gain the courage to discover many different interests that she never would have considered before she gained confidence in her ability to succeed.

building the confidence to be curious takes time

A Balanced Approach

Kaavya stretched outside of her comfort zone and discovered passions beyond her love for math. Because of this, Kaavya now has a black belt in taekwondo and is a competitive swimmer. “Once she found the success in math, she then applied her skills to find the drive and motivation to pursue taekwondo and swimming,” explained Shobha.

One of Kaavya’s greatest challenges was finding her focus and not letting distractions get in her way. The Kumon self-learning method enabled her to tackle her concentration challenges through discipline and the ability to focus to learn new concepts independently. Once she conquered what was standing in her way, Kaavya was placed in the gifted program at school because of her high grades and math expertise. She’s now receiving extra work so that she can feel challenged at school!

school success starts with focus


Efficiency Can Lead to Greater Success

Becoming the best also requires efficiency. “Kumon is very structured and has helped Kaavya with her time management since the program challenges students to finish problems faster,” added Shobha. “Kaavya doesn’t guess answers, she knows the answers and she has great comprehension,” she continued.

For parents, it’s important not to give up on your child. Identify their passion points at a young age, and help children flourish by surrounding them with subject matters they enjoy. Kaavya believed in herself because of support from her mother. All children have their parents to thank in the long run, so help them find their passions early and invest in them as much as possible!

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