Prevent Summer Learning Loss with the Kumon Program

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with the Kumon Program

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Summer is right around the corner and while schools are about to go on their extended annual break, the brain of a child does not.

The result of that time off can have profound impacts on the beginning of their school year if learning over the summer is not reinforced with best practices.

“Consistency is the key and when you take a break, it definitely has an impact,” said Pinali Patel, the Instructor at the Kumon Centre of Tampa-Carrollwood in Florida. “Let’s take the example of when you’re working out. When you work out at a gym, you must be consistent. If you take a two-month break, you will definitely see the difference, whether you gain weight, or your flexibility is gone. The same thing works in Kumon, too.”

A young child’s academic gains take a significant hit during the summer months if the brain isn’t exercised.

Research shows an average student lost 17% to 34% of their prior year’s academic gains over the summer. Like muscles, brains need regular exercise. By continuing their learning, the students can keep their brains active during the summer break and provide the needed skills to maintain the rhythm they need and pick up where they left off when school begins again in the fall.

The Kumon Program specifically targets minimizing that summer learning loss through continuous practice and mastering of skills with minimal time dedicated each day. But continuing learning routines throughout the summer isn’t always the easiest task to complete, especially when a fun mental break is the wish of almost any child.

There are many variables that can contribute to students not being able to continue their Kumon studies during the summer months. Vacations are the most popular contributing factor, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes children visit other family members in other areas of the country. Or maybe divorced parents live in different cities or provinces.

Whatever the case may be, your Kumon Instructor can help assist you with your individual situation.

“We always offer to take work with them,” Patel said. “It’s only 20 to 30 minutes per day. Even though you are away, you must take out that little bit of time. It’s just a matter of habit and motivation.”

With the help of Kumon’s program, students stay on track and keep their educational momentum going through the summer.