Reading Resistance - Cultivating a Positive Perspective

Reading Resistance – Cultivating a Positive Perspective


Jack’s Story: A Positive Perspective

Meet Jack. At 11 years old, he’s an aspiring author. He’s energetic, full of stories and bright, but like other kids, he faced challenges in school.  Jack struggled to focus in class; he was insecure and felt lost. When his parents enrolled him in Kumon, he thought he wouldn’t learn anything except how to solve math problems.

After a few sessions, Jack’s perception changed. He began to realize that Kumon was about much more than math. He found he was better able to focus in class and that his schoolwork became easy. This helped him to begin realizing his full potential and as a result, gave him the confidence he needed to set big personal goals. By the age of 16, Jack aims to finish writing at least half of a book.


You’re Never Too Young

We asked this inspiring young writer and book lover what motivated him to write a book. For him, it was having an English teacher and mentor who made reading and writing fun and exciting, and truly believed in his ability to be a good writer.

As for his favourite read? It’s the Percy Jackson series.  Jack finds the series so appealing because of the creative weapons Percy uses to defend himself.

When it comes to advice for other kids just like him (and their parents!) to cultivate a love of reading, “Choose the books that you find interesting and fun,” he says. With this approach, children will be encouraged and so engaged that they may one day refuse to put their book down!

become a writer by reading more

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