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Research Suggests Homework Frustrates Parents

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Struggles with homework and learning materials are nothing new to parents helping their kids with homework – but new educational techniques and an ever-changing curriculum can leave both parents and children baffled. A survey conducted on the Angus Reid Forums and commissioned by Kumon Canada, reveals that parents of struggling students 7-16 years old, are frustrated, unable to help, and don’t know how to approach the subject matter.

Of the parents surveyed, two –in-five (41%) agree the greatest barrier to their child’s education is their confidence when they struggle with a specific subject. It’s not just the children who suffer, but two-thirds (65%) of parents agree the whole family is affected when their child is struggling at school.


The Road to Success

That lack of success damages learning outcomes. Families surveyed reported that a continued lack of success led to negative emotions like frustration (59%) and diminished motivation to learn (37%). New Canadian communities, with non-English and French speaking families are also reporting high levels of frustration (45%) and discouragement (35%).

Thankfully, there is a solution. While private tutoring is unaffordable for three out of four Canadian parents, a learning strategy promoting self-directed learning can help the child seek out resources on their own, saving money, time and emotional energy.

homework makes everyone feel lost sometimes


The Kumon Method

At Kumon, homework is a big part of how our learning method works. But we understand the challenges that both kids and parents face and over the years we have listened, shaping our program in a way that makes learning a smooth process for our students. The Kumon Method is an innovative learning approach which relies on building up confidence in the student and fostering independence, allowing them to tackle challenging material head-on.

homework frustrations will pass in time