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Why to Focus on “Early Learning” for your Child

Many parents don’t realize the tremendous benefits early learning can have on their child. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Kumon Canada shows that although parents with six-year-olds recognize that early learning is ideal, parents with three-year-olds don’t think it’s crucial and put more focus on motor skills development and verbal communication. However, the survey also found that more than half of Canadian parents with children in the early learners’ age range have little ones who struggle with reading (52 per cent) and writing (50 per cent).

In addition to the survey we conducted, there are many well-researched studies that show the benefits of early learning. So how can early learning help your child? Take a look below for 3 of the strongest reasons:


Start School with a Strong Foundation

start learning as early as possible


Focusing on early learning can offer your child a solid academic foundation that will prepare him or her for school years ahead. Establishing a routine around school and learning can be really helpful for children. If a child is introduced to a learning environment at an earlier age, transitioning into school full-time will be much smoother. But be sure to exercise caution here, as “too much, too soon” can definitely burn children out. Try to find that “just right” level of challenge to keep your child interested but not so much that they find it too difficult.


Long-Term Development

Research shows that early childhood learning is closely linked to a child’s long-term development – including health, confidence, employment and overall well-being later in life. Studies have also demonstrated that children’s experiences early on, especially in the first six years of life, can have significant impact on brain development.



early learning supports socialization


Introducing children to social groups will help get them accustomed to meeting new people, getting along with other children and making friends. Through the process of socialization, kids learn to overcome shyness and thus build confidence as they grow. We’ve all seen it happen – even babies experiencing a chance meeting with another baby at the grocery store can prompt the socialization process.

At Kumon we’ve been on to the benefits of early learning for a long time. Our engaging, colourful worksheets introduce early learners to important math and reading skills — starting with basic pencil holding exercises! You’ll prepare your child to enter school with a great head start and a strong foundation.

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