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A Winning Formula for Problem-Solving


Noorain’s Story: A Winning Formula

Knowing how to problem solve is an important life skill best learned early. Noorain has been able to master this as she is consistently exposed to a learning environment with instructors that don’t give her the answers – they guide her thinking so that she’s able to find answers on her own.

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At the age of 14, Noorain is taking the International Bac. Program at school which is helping her prepare for university. When she gets there in a few years, she plans on studying science and is considering a career in medicine. Kumon has taught her how to produce quality work, always checking her answers and ensuring the steps taken to solve a problem are properly displayed. She has also gained the ability to manage her time and complete tasks quickly and accurately.

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Confidence through Independent Learning

Through independent learning, Noorain can confidently say that she can identify the root of a problem, which is the first part of her problem-solving formula. “We have had some issues at school and in particular, art class,” she explains. “There were a few students arguing over a piece of art that went missing. So I started thinking about the issue by identifying the last person who saw the art.” This is just one example she shared when speaking about her problem-solving skills and the maturity in her thinking patterns.

Confidence is another sentiment Noorain developed by becoming a self-learner. She’s been able to step outside of her comfort zone and embrace the unknown. She took part in a spelling bee and made it to the national competition level where ‘LEUCINE’ was her winning word! At first, she was unsure of the order of the letters to spell out, but she used the process of elimination which led her to spell it correctly.

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What’s Next for Noorain?

For now, Noorain continues to excel beyond grade-level average and help younger students with their math, language and science work. Through her systematic approach and ability to dissect math problems, she has become a great mentor amongst her peers and highly regarded in and outside of school.

When asked about her next steps, she plans on joining the business committee at school, DECA, as well as the science and math committee to help further her education.

Encourage your child to become an independent learner and visit a Kumon centre near you to learn more about the resources available to you and your child.