The Kumon Programs

At Kumon we simultaneously nurture a high level of
academic ability as well as the ability to self-learn with our math and language worksheets

The Kumon Worksheets used around the world are all based on the same approach. That is, they allow students to steadily advance to higher level material by letting all students begin from a point that they can solve comfortably, regardless of their age or grade at school. This approach makes it possible for each student to study at the “just-right” level as the burden on students is only subtlety increased little by little. Our worksheet developers at Kumon are constantly learning from children in an effort to improve our current worksheet lineup and also to develop new and better worksheets to provide Kumon students with the best possible learning materials.

Math Program

The Kumon Math Program sets out to enable learners to master high school level mathematics through self-learning. The worksheets are structured around essential elements for the study of high school level differential and integral calculus, such as: calculations using the four operations, equations, factorization, and functions and graphs. The worksheets are also designed to gradually increase in difficulty using small steps so that even students in elementary school or preschool can begin advancing to differential and integral calculus through self-learning. As of June 2021, the math worksheets are provided in eleven different languages for study around the world.

Math worksheets studied in various countries

  • Japanese
    Japanese Math worksheet
  • Chinese
    Chinese Math worksheet
  • German
    German Math worksheet
  • Indonesian
    Indonesian Math worksheet
  • Spanish
    Spanish Math worksheet
  • Thai
    Thai Math worksheets

Native Language Programs

The Kumon native language programs are structured to enable learners to develop an advanced level of reading ability through self-learning. In the beginning of the curriculum, students are first exposed to both new and familiar vocabulary. They then learn letters and, in some cases, characters in the context of words, as well as new words in the context of sentences. Next, students develop their understanding of simple sentences, then paragraphs, and systematically advance to the practice of summarizing passages in their own words, which increases their reading comprehension ability. Ultimately, students get to the point where they are able to read classic and contemporary literary masterpieces from around the world and think critically about the messages they contain. At Kumon, we also make use of the Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL), a list of books from various genres listed in order of difficulty to help promote reading among students. As of June 2021, the native language programs are provided in seven different languages for study around the world.

Native language worksheets studied in various countries

  • Japanese
    Japanese Native language worksheet
  • Thai
    Thai Native language worksheet
  • Portuguese
    Portuguese Native language worksheet
  • Chinese
    Chinese Native language worksheet
  • Spanish
    Spanish Native language worksheet
  • English
    English Native language worksheet

Foreign Language Programs

Not available in North America

The Kumon foreign language programs set out to enable learners to develop an advanced level of reading comprehension ability. Using audio players, students begin by listening to and repeating basic words and sentences. They then move on to practicing oral reading and systematically learning about English grammar. After students have mastered basic grammar, they begin learning how to read and understand long passages. Students learn many new words and develop advanced reading comprehension ability as they go from reading simple passages to classic literature in different genres. As of June 2021, Kumon provides English as a foreign language program in 33 different countries and regions. We offer French and German programs in Japan, and we also provide a Japanese program for students in other countries around the world.

Foreign language worksheets studied in various countries

  • English in Indonesian
    Foreign language worksheets - English in Indonesian
  • English in Chinese
    Foreign language worksheets - English in Chinese
  • Japanese in Portuguese
    Foreign language worksheets - Japanese in Portuguese
  • French in Japanese
    Foreign language worksheets - French in Japanese
  • German in Japanese
    Foreign language worksheets - German in Japanese

SAIDO Learning® / Learning for a Healthy Brain

SAIDO Learning® and Learning for a Healthy Brain materials are based on brain science research and have been developed with the aim of maintaining cognitive function, slowing or reversing cognitive decline, and preventing the onset of dementia in learners. Learners communicate with supporters while doing exercises in reading, writing, and simple arithmetic, which activates the prefrontal cortex of the brain. These activities lend to an improvement of their cognitive function, communication ability, and ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). The level of the learning exercises assigned to learners is determined by their level of cognitive function.

SAIDO Learning® worksheets

  • Japanese reading and writing
    Japanese SAIDO worksheet
  • Japanese simple calculation
    Japanese Math worksheet
  • English reading and writing
    English SAIDO worksheet
  • English simple calculation
    English SAIDO math worksheet

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