As you’re enjoying the summer weather and longer days, you may find yourself searching for new ideas to keep your kids entertained.

Here are 10 creative activities to keep your kids entertained over the summer.

1. Neighborhood Nature Walk

Go on a scavenger hunt with Kumon’s Neighborhood Nature Walk. If you prefer to stay home, you can also play a game of I Spy! Look for details around your home such as, “I spy something that’s the color red,” and try to see if your child can locate that item.

2. Go on a Local Adventure

Zoos, historical landmarks, and museums are a great way to explore the natural world, learn about history and discover new interests. If time, distance or other obstacles make visiting such attractions difficult, many of these types of places have developed created alternatives to allow children to take virtual field trips and venture to destinations all around the world. 

3. Summer Reading

The magical thing about books is that they can make our imaginations soar by whisking us off to faraway lands or transporting us back into history. They can also spark new interests. Designate a cozy nook for your children where they can relax and get lost in a book. Try a hammock in the backyard or build your own reading fort with blankets and pillows. Read the same books as your kids! Tackling the same reading list as your children can be your own form of a book club. Engaging in thoughtful discussions will further develop their insight and critical reading skills.

Summer is a great time to enroll kids in Kumon Reading Program because the daily nature of the Kumon Method means learning won’t be disrupted and the short daily assignments make finding the time manageable.  

4. Plant a Seed

There are lots of outdoor project opportunities for you and your little one. Planting a garden or a tree right in your backyard. Planting flowers or other plants in a pot or planter. Some municipalities even have community garden spaces available. Your children will love reaping the benefits of their hard work!

5. A Night Under the Stars

Plan a family campout in the backyard or an evening trip to the park to stargaze. This is a fun way to learn the name of the constellations, which may even spark an interest in space exploration and Greek mythology.

6. Family Game Night

Family game night is a great time to put problem-solving skills to the test with fun games and puzzles like Scrabble, Sudoku, and word searches.

7. Creative Writing

Have your child tap into their imagination and write a creative story or even keep a journal. This is a fun way to strengthen motor skills and build critical writing skills.

8. Picnic

Whipping up a delicious recipe with your child can be a fun way to incorporate math, reading, and following directions. Pack your meal in a basket, lay down a blanket in the backyard or a local park, and enjoy a family picnic.

9. Take a Hike

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside! Research local trails in your area and explore nature.

10. Outdoor Movie Night

Bring the movie theater to your home by setting up a projector and screen outside. Prepare popcorn and snacks and gather around to watch a newly released movie with the family. Or some communities have public outdoor movie events during the summer. 

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