Kumon’s Goal

Making a contribution by providing solutions to problems facing the global community through the Kumon Method

Ever since its establishment, Kumon has consistently aimed to help students not only develop a high level of academic ability but also to become people who are capable of learning on their own. Kumon Instructors have a strong belief in the potential of each and every student they encounter. Kumon maximizes students’ ability by discovering the “just-right” level of study for each student and provides students with optimum learning materials. The Kumon Method, which was originally developed by a father for his son, is now available in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

The core value that we provide is a positive attitude towards study, as well as a method of study, that will be of use all lifelong. As students take on the challenge of studying new material, they improve their concentration, learn to take on new challenges, develop perseverance, and gain a positive sense of self. They begin to feel that, “If I give it a try, I can do it!” This ability and experience of solving the problems presented in the Kumon worksheets will be of great use to students in the future when they have to deal with problems in life that do not have an immediate answer.

Kumon Method study is made possible by our Instructors who strive to discover the “just right” level of study for each and every student they encounter as well as by the Kumon Method learning materials which are made up of a series of small steps that enable every student to make progress on their own through self-study. The combination of these two factors makes “just right” study possible. Students, regardless of age or school grade level, can thereby achieve a high level of academic skills in addition to the attitude and method of self-study.

Today, the thinking and practice of the Kumon Method has gained the support of students of all generations, from infants all the way up through senior citizens. It is often said that we are now living in the era of the 100-year lifespan. In that regard, I sense that there are great expectations from society regarding the role that the Kumon Method can play in lifelong education. We will continue to refine the Kumon Method by closely observing our students and learning from them. Indeed, Kumon will redouble its efforts to make a greater contribution to society.

The year 2020 was a year in which everyone around the world had to make great changes in their lifestyles due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Children around the world have been faced with many difficult situations due to changes in their lifestyles caused by the global spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this era of great change and unpredictability, Kumon can contribute in many ways. One way we contribute is by providing support to children by building up their motivation and abilities. Another way we contribute is by working towards the solution of societal problems.

In order to eliminate poverty and realize a sustainable world, the United Nations is now promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fourth SDG is to provide “high-quality education to all.” Education is one of the most important factors required to realize a sustainable world. Kumon has been implementing Kumon Method education that is aimed at maximizing the potential of students and I am proud to say that our educational activities are an example of providing “high-quality education to all.”

On the other hand, there are many children around the world that Kumon working alone cannot reach. Moreover, there are a number of countries and regions where conditions make it difficult to strongly focus on education. Sustainable Development Goal 17 stresses the need to “achieve goals through partnerships.” We hope to work with trustworthy partners to make a contribution to solving the social problem of educational disparities through the provision of the Kumon Method.

Today, there is a tremendous demand for quality education. All of us at Kumon feel a deep responsibility and sense of mission as we strive, through the implementation of the Kumon Method, to develop the independence of every student who we encounter and to make a contribution on a worldwide scale to solving the problems faced by the global community. I sincerely thank you for your understanding and support of Kumon.

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