What the Kumon Logo Represents

Every aspect of our logo expresses
the values of Kumon.

The face inside is the “THINKING FACE.”
It represents the faces of children who learn, think, and grow within Kumon Centers.
It also represents the faces of Kumon Instructors and staff
who are thinking about the welfare of children and developing themselves.

"How can I help this child progress?"
Everyone involved in Kumon thinks about education very seriously,
wants to learn from children, has the desire to grow alongside others,
and to put all these into practice.

"Kumon blue" represents intelligence,
honesty, and the sky that stretches across the world.
It also represents our hope that the world will be united as one,
that the future of our children will grow on a grand scale,
and that people all over the world will think more seriously about education.

About Kumon