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4 Ideas to Make a Rainy Day Fun

Children coloring with their mother

When thinking of summer fun, we typically imagine outdoor activities like swimming in the pool or playing at the park. While physical activity is very important and can even boost your kids’ learning ability, sometimes it’s just too hot out to play in the sun. If it’s a scorcher of a day, raining cats and dogs, or maybe your kids just want to switch up the routine, we have some fun ideas on how to make the most of your kids’ indoor time.

Read A Book – and then Watch the Movie

A rainy day is a great time to get lost in a good book. Introduce your kids to your favorite childhood book, or choose one from Kumon’s Recommended Reading List. Reading can open up new worlds to your children and ignite their imagination. If your kids is are reluctant readers, choose a book with a movie adaptation, and promise to watch the movie with them once they’re done. Here (link to Jenna’s article) are great suggestions for kids of all ages.

Have Fun in the Kitchen

Baking is a wonderful activity for kids. It’s an opportunity to learn about measurements, get messy, and enjoy a tasty treat! However, we know that sweltering weather might make you reluctant to turn on the oven. Luckily there are plenty of no-bake options to make with your kids instead. You can freeze your own popsicles in any flavor you like, make pudding, or put together a healthy fruit salad. Here are 10 additional no-bake desserts that are perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day, and easy enough for your kids to make themselves.


Ready Jet Go Solar System Coloring Worksheets

Coloring is fun for kids (and adults) of all ages, but it’s also a great activity to help your young kids develop motor skills. Coloring is a major component of Kumon’s Level Z, also known as the Pencil Skills Level. That’s because coloring can help your kids build strength and dexterity in their hands, which will lead to better handwriting in the future. For fun printable, educational coloring activities, check out the Ready Jet Go! website. Kumon is a proud sponsor of Ready Jet Go!, an animated series on PBS Kids that teaches kids about science and astronomy.

Stage a Performance

Stoke your kids’ creativity by encouraging them to put on a performance. Acting out a scene can help your children develop public speaking skills at an early age and encourage their imagination to go wild. For performance newbies, why not ask them to act out a scene from their favorite book? For more experienced thespians, encourage them to write their own play to present. Either way, your kids will develop reading, writing, and presenting skills, all while having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning!

Being stuck indoors over the summer doesn’t have to be boring. There are endless opportunities for fun and learning right in front of you. Children’s active imaginations can make seemingly mundane activities tons of fun. Take advantage of their ability to turn an ordinary stick into a magic wand or a box into a cave and let them take you for an adventure in your living room!