school tasks for kids to do graphic of two parents talking to their child with the title text in front of it

There are a few school tasks that can help your child get the start they need before going back to school. Here are six we believe will prepare them best.

Participate in Shopping

Involving your kids in school shopping and letting them pick out certain items like their shoes, clothes, and backpack can help alleviate morning apparel related arguments. So, when you ask them to put on “their shoes”, they’re putting on the shoes they picked themselves and not the ones that were picked for them. If an argument starts bubbling, you can quickly pivot the conversation to how much you like the shoes they picked.

 Organize their Workspace

Has your child’s homework space slowly descended into chaos over the past few weeks? This is a great task for even young kids to tackle on their own. From cleaning the work surface to organizing their writing tools, getting their workspace organized can help kids feel prepared for the work ahead. And it can help you make an inventory of what needs replacing.

Set Goals

Another great way to help kids feel prepared for the school year is to discuss the type of material they are going to see this year. Going into grade 3? That will come with new expectations regarding reading and writing ability. Does your child have challenges in that area? Consider helping them set goals for themselves. These can be a combination of long-term goals to help them feel motivated, and short-term goals to give them a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Get a Jump Start on Review

It might be time to brush up on concepts from the previous year. There may be some concepts they’ve completely mastered and others they’ve completely forgotten. The first weeks of school often cover a lot of material from the year before, but if your child has forgotten more than you expected, getting a jump start on review may help avoid feelings of frustration early in the year.

Help Plan and Prepare Lunches

Another great task to give kids is lunch planning… organizing the snacks in the pantry, writing up a meal plan for lunches, writing out the grocery list, and even helping with shopping (if you’re feeling bold). And then maybe this is the year they start helping prepare their lunches each night. Regardless of your child’s age, there’s something for them to do.

Prep for Day One

The first day of school is inevitably a stressful one, so making sure that all the boxes are checked can help reduce that stress for everyone. Less chaos in the morning means fewer chances of tears. The night before, have your child pack their school bag themselves. You’ve no doubt gone through the check list, but they need to know what’s what so they feel prepared when they get to school on the first day. Go through the supplies together and allow them to organize their bag in a way that makes sense for them.

Kumon wishes your child the best of luck in the coming school year!