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6 Ways to Make the Most of The School Year

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Is it just us or did the summer months pass by quickly? We know the past school year wasn’t easy and it may have built up some back-to-school worries for parents, students, and teachers. Just like last year, there is still uncertainty on how the school year will look depending on where you are in North America. 

However, we want to help you make the most of the school year by sharing six suggestions:

1. Write down your wishes for this upcoming year

If you put your mind to it, wishes can be goals that you can achieve. It’s always best to come into the new year with something to work towards. Writing it down can help you stay on track to keep you motivated. You can use our 3 Wishes Activity Sheet to help you get started!

2. Plan ahead and stay organized

Stay on top of your assignments and tests by writing down important dates in your calendar or your planner of choice. It’s also a good idea to set reminders when you know the important dates and set aside time to study or do specific projects leading up to them. This will assure you will have enough time to do them before your calendar fills up with other activities. 

3. Clear up an area to study at home

A clean space can help clear your mind. Speak with your family members and ask if you can have a dedicated space to do your assignments or study. Make sure to clear your space of any electronics or other distractions. And to take this step even further, make sure your room is clean too! We know, we know, not what you want to hear but having a clean room will make you feel refreshed each morning and when you get home from school.  

4. Try to join school clubs or try out for a sports team

If you can, try and join a school club or try out for a sports team that interests you! Lots of schools have clubs and teams and it’s an easy way to make new friends. If they don’t have clubs or teams that are of your interest, try asking a teacher if you can start one!  

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5. Reach out to your teachers

If you need any help or have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your teachers. You can also ask them for tips on how to get better with subjects you may be struggling with. Make sure you ask ahead of time and don’t wait when it’s too late.  

6. Always remember: it’s okay to make mistakes 

We know it’s not easy starting a new school year. But we hope that knowing it’s okay to make mistakes will take some pressure off. Mistakes help you learn. It’s always good to reflect on what was wrong. Don’t give up and try again!