How Kumon Developed this Student’s Focus and Patience

How Kumon Developed this Student’s Focus and Patience

Atharv sitting in a chair

Like many 11-year-olds, Atharv maintains a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. He’s a competitive swimmer, takes guitar lessons, holds purple belt status in karate, participates in a Lego robotics club, and is a member of his elementary school’s eagle enrichment program. 

Atharv playing the guitar

Unlike many 11-year-olds, Atharv is already well into algebra, studying quadratic, higher degree, fractional, and irrational functions. Not to mention that he’s already completed the entire Kumon Reading Program, which means he’s analyzed high school-level literary texts. 

“Atharv is a young student who is intrinsically motivated,” said Brittany, Atharv’s Kumon Instructor. “He used to struggle with patience because he was so hungry to learn and didn’t understand the repetition. He was able to develop focus and patience, which helped him appreciate the importance of mastery.” 

Atharv is the first one to admit that Kumon hasn’t been an easy road for him, but he’s most thankful for the work skills that he’s developed throughout the years, including improving his attention span, focus, patience, confidence and overall morale. These skills have allowed him to move ahead of his peers in school, but they’ve also proved beneficial in his extracurricular activities.  

Atharv holding up Kumon Achievement Tests

He has been described as a beacon of positivity because he likes to encourage other Kumon Students, older and younger, that are feeling stuck in their Kumon journey. In fact, if you popped into his Kumon Center, you’d probably see him giving pep talks, encouraging both staff and students alike to be their best academic self.  

“The best piece of advice that I have for kids just starting Kumon is to never give up,” said Atharv. “At first, Kumon may seem hard, but you won’t know until you try. Just try your hardest and you will succeed. There is nothing better than the feeling of advancing to the next level.”  

Atharv hopes to be an engineer when he grows up. We can’t wait to see how he continues to use his beacon of positivity to change the world.  

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