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Ace the School Year with Kumon’s Study Tips Roundup

By now, your kids have either returned to school or are preparing for the arrival of the new school year. Whether your kids took a little break this summer or avoided the “summer slide” by keeping their minds active, back-to-school is the perfect time to talk about proper study habits!

Since we’ve been helping kids develop proper study habits for the last 50+ years, we thought we could help your family ace the summer to school transition by sharing a few of our favorite study skills articles. Check them out below!


7 Important Study Habits for School

As it turns out, a productive study time depends on more than the actual time one spends studying. Kumon helps your children build study skills by improving concentration and encouraging daily practice. Discover how you can help your children develop good study habits by clicking the link below.

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Top 10 Ways Parents Can Help with their Children’s Homework

Staying on top of homework can be as hard for parents as it is for students. For each grade level your child advances, you are bound to see an increase in the amount of homework in the house. Click on the link below for hassle free homework tips.

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What are the School Readiness Skills that Preschoolers Learn in Kumon?

School success depends not only on knowledge and skills, but also on the habits and attitudes with which children approach learning. Discover how Kumon’s early learning curriculum helps preschoolers develop important school readiness skills by clicking the link below.

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Simple Time Management Tips for your Children

Helping your children learn to effectively manage their time at an early age will provide them with an important skill, allowing them to excel throughout their academic and professional careers. With good time management skills, children face less stress when it comes to deadlines for assignments, timed tests and balancing extracurricular activities. Click on the link below to discover simple time management tips for your children.

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Motivating Children by Developing a Growth Mindset

Many parents find it challenging to motivate their children to focus on their studies at the start of a new school year. Learn how communication to children about their effort, successes, and setbacks often shape a child’s mindset and motivation by clicking on the link below.

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Discover even more study tips and resources that can help advance your children’s ability in math and reading.