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Aspiring Gold Medalist’s Motivation Keeps Him on Top of His Game

Aidan poses in a blue fleece in front of a grey background

Aidan, 12-years-old, Math Level J, Reading Level K

12-year-old Aidan has his sights set on winning. As a competitive swimmer, he dedicates several hours of his day, six nights a week, to practice with his top-tier swim team. The dedication isn’t just in the poolAidan is also a member of the National Junior Honors Society, takes several Pre-AP courses, and maintains a spot on his school’s honor roll.  Aidan swimming

Aidan’s motivation to be the best that he can be in all areas is something that he was able to focus on in Kumon. He first enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program three short years ago. He has since completed the entire reading program, which ends in analyzing Shakespeare, and is currently studying high school level math—all before even entering high school!  Aidan’s advancement through Kumon has made it possible for him to complete his homework in a snap, thus leaving extra time to continue training to be a professional swimmer.

“No matter the challenge, whether it be big or small, long or short, hard or easy – I will always give it my best shot,” said Aidan. “The most beneficial quality I have learned through Kumon is devotion, because no matter how tough a question or challenge might be, I know I will make it through.”

When we asked Aidan who his role model was, he responded that it was five-time Olympic gold medalist, Katie Ledecky. However, he doesn’t just idolize her for her athletic careerAidan admires her academic drive and the fact that she attends college at the prestigious Stanford University.  In addition to aspiring to make swimming a career, Aidan also has interest in becoming an inventorand with his motivation and dedication both in and outside of the classroom, that goal is well within reach.

Aidan holds a trophy in front of a poolIt’s not surprising that Aidan was one of 56 students chosen from across North America to attend Kumon’s 3rd Annual Student Conference. He traveled with his family to Chicago, Illinois to connect with like-minded Kumon Students that aspire to be the best they can be. We had a chance to chat with him and learn more about his aspirations and Kumon story.

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

I enjoy learning new things by myself without the help of others, because it makes me feel good about myself that I learned to solve a new problem all on my own.

How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

Kumon has helped me beyond academics and outside the classroom by teaching me to stay consistent in my work and manage my time better. Because of this, I now have more time to participate in the hobbies that I am passionate about, like hanging out with my friends and having swim practice every night for two hours.

What keeps you motivated?

Aidan shakes hands with Kumon North America president Mino Tanabe

Aidan shakes hands with Kumon North America president Mino Tanabe

When the material gets extra challenging and my life gets busier, I stay motivated to keep up with my Kumon education when I think of my ability, and where I used to be compared to where I am now. I went from an average student to being at the top of my class.

What achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud of completing Kumon’s Reading Program in just three years, and being able to compete in Zones, which is swim meet that only the best in Colorado go to.

What was your experience like at the Student Conference, and what was your favorite part?

My experience at the Student Conference was amazing and a lot of fun! One of my favorite moments was when we got to meet the other older Kumon students who have completed the program and learn how they completed Kumon.

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