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Developing A Reward System At Home

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Implementing a reward system at home can keep your child determined and fulfilled. Whether it’s for doing chores, finishing at-home learning activities, or completing a Kumon Level, recognizing your child’s success plays a big role in their enthusiasm and motivation.


Maintaining a reward system is an ongoing process that requires accountability and consistency from both the parent and child. Below are a few steps to get started with an engaging reward system at home.


1. Set Objectives

Work with your child to identify weekly goals. Outline tasks and determine the learning priorities of the week. Break them down into daily goals to make them achievable for your child. Transfer the designated tasks into a reward system and place the chart in a visible location like the fridge or in your child’s room.


2. Words of Encouragement

Use positive statements to support your child in accomplishing their tasks. Reinforce the importance of the task and cheer your child on when they try. Be sure to reward your child once they complete a task.


3. Keep Record

Track your child’s daily progress for each task. If you are using our At-Home Reward System, you can list out the tasks on the left and make a note of daily achievements by placing a sticker, smiley face, checkmark, or another symbol that your child may like.


4. Reward Your Child

Once your child has shown daily progress, it’s important to reward them with a prize or a token of recognition.


Reward ideas are:

  • Cooking their favorite meal
  • Buying them a new toy
  • Awarding extra screen time/new movie
  • Providing a coupon to waive a chore or allow 5 more minutes of sleep in the morning
  • Giving them a special treat like dessert or snacks

5. Share Excitement

It’s important to show your child how proud you are of their progress. This affirmation will let them know they are doing a great job and drive more excitement on their part. Don’t be afraid to share their reward chart progress with family and friends.   


Recognizing your child’s hard work and effort is essential to keep them engaged at home. With the proper goal outline, your child will have a clear view on their weekly and daily goals. Be sure to reward your child when they complete any tasks to build positive reinforcement and encouragement. Your support will be the key to your child’s accomplishments and will create excitement.


Begin tracking and recognizing your child’s progress at every step. Download our At-Home Reward System chart to get started.

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