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Beat the Winter Blues with Fun Learning Tips

Young blonde girl wearing red jacket, scarf, and hat. Her white gloves are extended waiting for the snow to fall on them.

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, you may find yourself with a case of the winter blues. On chilly nights, it’s easy to “hibernate” and watch a movie. However, there are countless ways to keep your child’s brain active and engaged during the winter months.


Here are fun and easy ways to beat the winter blues this season:

Boy and girl sitton a table playing with a set of green cards.

1. Family game night is a fun way to keep young minds active and encourage kids to put down screens.

With games like Monopoly, Sudoku, or Ticket to Ride, your child can practice their computational math skills while having fun. Games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Sequence Letters are great choices to boost literacy, spelling, and comprehension skills.


2. Bundle up and go on a nature walk.

There is so much to explore during the winter season. Take a break from building a snowman and help your child measure the snowfall and track records throughout the season.

3. Plan a field trip to a museum or a discovery center.

Field trips don’t only have to be for school days – make it a family trip! Look in your local area for learning opportunities to keep your kids engaged and discover something new.


4. Watch winter sports.

Hockey and basketball games are filled with math learning opportunities. Your child can track player statistics, add up shots made during a game, and calculate how many points are needed for a victory.


5. Create a cozy reading nook.

Pick out some winter-themed books and mix-up your nightly reading routine by reading by the fireplace or building your own cozy reading fort with blankets and pillows.