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Kids’ Stories of Optimism, Curiosity and Success

Every parent wants their kids to be successful. But what’s the best way to guide them there? Each child takes a different path towards success, and we think there is a lot to be gained from telling their stories. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorites with you!

success story - kids' stories of optimism, curiosity and success

The “Kumon Success Series” features hand-picked stories from some of our many students. We believe all our students are headed towards success, but these stories are sure to impress. If you are looking for inspirational stories about optimism, curiosity, and success, you’ve come to the right place!


The Eager Beaver Who Could Read It All

Christopher's Success Story


Curiosity: Five-year-old Christopher proves that you’re never too young to indulge a vivid imagination. Christopher shows us that if you want to unlock your reading potential at a young age, all it takes is desire and a little guidance.

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Discipline and Learning is an Art

Abishek's Success Story


Curiosity: Abhishek always enjoyed math but wasn’t always a great math learner. Through Kumon, he quickly discovered the importance of discipline when it comes to the art of learning. Now he has the skills he needs to study what he’s passionate about and work towards his dream job.

Watch the Video: Abishek’s Success Story


Aalisha and the Road to Success

Aalisha's Success Story


Success: Sometimes the most important way to tap-into success is to lay the groundwork. Aalisha’s mother tells us about how she created an environment of success for her daughter by establishing routines and encouraging self-realization.

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Bryan and His Award-Winning Optimism

Bryan's Success Story


Optimism: Bryan’s story is proof that no matter what, hard work and determination will pay off! It addition to staying active, playing video games and being a Kumon veteran, Bryan is participating-in (and winning) communication contests!

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From Average to Excellent

Sherilyn's Success Story


Success: Most of us work hard to be successful. 14-year-old Sherilyn wants to show us that we all could work a little harder! She has exceptional achievements in both her academic and athletic life. If you’re looking to be inspired, look no further.

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How to Cultivate a Positive Perspective

Jack's Success Story


Optimism: A child is never too young to have big dreams. At 11-years-old, Jack is already an aspiring author. He’s got goals too – he plans to finish his first book by the age of 16. Find out what makes this positive player tick!

Watch the Video: Jack’s Success Story


Maximizing a Child’s Curiosity

Kaavya's Success Story


Curiosity: If a child can become passionate about learning, then they will pursue learning for the rest of their lives. Shobha recognized early that her daughter Kaavya had a love of numbers, and her instincts to cultivate that love of numbers resulted in great success for her daughter. Check out this success story to learn how she did it!

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A Winning Formula for Problem Solving

Noorain's Success Story


Optimism: One of the most important skills a child can gain is the ability to problem solve. Noorain’s story tells us about how she learned to step outside her comfort zone and develop confidence in her abilities.

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Kumon can also help you understand where your child stands academically, figure out their learning priorities and establish the routine needed to succeed. Schedule a parent orientation session to find out more.