Defying Age Limits: How One Student Conquered the Stage and Academics

Defying Age Limits: How One Student Conquered the Stage and Academics

portrait of student named Leya smiling at the camera

Leya, 12-years-old, Level K

At 12-years-old, Leya was the youngest member of a prestigious international dance production performing Bharathanatym, an Indian classical dance. It was there she received the opportunity to perform with many accomplished artists in the field. Her young age didn’t deter her focus. Something she has already learned in Kumon.

“I don’t see myself restricted to age level in anything I do now,” says Leya. “Kumon has given me a particular sense of confidence that I can be as smart as I want in anything I do. I know that I can achieve anything I want if I work on something consistently and with a sincere will and plan to do it.”

Because Leya spent a lot of time traveling internationally with the dance production, she missed some time in school. The solid academic foundation and study skills she learned in Kumon helped her not only stay on pace with her classmates, but actually surpass her school grade level. She’s 12-years old studying high school algebra concepts in the Kumon Program.

student performing in her dance production“Because of the skills I have learned in Kumon, I have the discipline and confidence to catch up on school work on my own when I’m travelling. Kumon has made my school work that much easier.”

Leya gives us a little insight into how she approaches her Kumon studies.

What is a challenge you faced in Kumon? How did you overcome it?

In the beginning, Kumon was very easy for me. As I got into higher levels above my grade and to topics that were new to me, it became a challenge to not only do my work, but to self-learn and understand it. I used to seek help from my parents, but I knew that wasn’t what I was supposed to do. Instead, I decided to figure out the problems by myself, with minimum help, and repeat the problems to understand them and then gain the speed.

What keeps you motivated in Kumon?

I am always excited for the opportunity to learn something new. I love being introduced to different formulas and concepts like square roots and parabolic equations. I stay motivated because at Kumon my ability to learn, understand, and enjoy math isn’t restricted by my age or grade. I’m able to work independently and learn at my own pace without having to wait on anyone to catch up. And because of that, I’m also not afraid to make any mistakes. Instead, I learn from them and correct myself. All of these things keep me motivated.

“In Kumon, you have to a have a lot of perseverance to keep going and have that drive and will to reach the higher level.”-Leya