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Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style

Discovering your child’s learning style will help you understand how your child grasps, interprets, and processes information. Students are spending a lot of time learning at home and with your help, they can adjust to the style that works best for them.

Knowing your child’s learning style allows you to not only help them improve their learning, but to reflect on your own learning style as well. It is important to be open-minded when helping your child with their work and acknowledging that everyone learns differently. Learning styles can vary over time and be dependent on the subject. Patience and flexibility are key to helping you understand and support your child’s learning.

Below are four types of learning styles:

Auditory Learning

Auditory learners comprehend through listening to words and messages. Students with an auditory learning style have great memory and are often interested in music. Since they learn as they listen, it is important to encourage them to read and repeat. You may even want to have them record their lesson and listen back to these new concepts.

Visual Learning

Students who learn visually can capture things better through images, visuals, or even written down materials. These students prefer to watch a video. They can easily interpret maps, diagrams, and charts. They learn best with photographs, examples, colors, shapes, and videos.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetics learning refers to learning through moving around or performing actions. Some of these students might learn best through a hands-on approach. These students are at their prime when they are required to do a physical activity that challenges their thinking.

Tactile Learning

Students with a tactile learning style learn through touch. They are more inclined to learn through activities that allow them to utilize their hands. Writing and drawing are some great techniques to help a tactile learner succeed in school.

Despite what learning style your child practices, it is important to know that they can have multiple learning styles. Use your child’s learning style as an advantage when helping them with their assignments and progressing in school.

At Kumon, regardless of your child’s learning style we emphasize self-learning. We help foster independent, self-learners that can build confidence in their work and succeed academically.