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Motivation Challenge: Advice on Perseverance

Ethan Sen, the student ho took on the motivation challenge

The motivation challenge is going on everyday. It requires support for students from everyone involved, from the administration team to parents at home. The problem is that some student find themselves unmotivated by curriculum of their schools. Here is how an award winning Kumon student saw the challenge and thrived.

Gold medal athlete. Not many 13 year-olds have the privilege of receiving such an honor. Add to that another remarkable achievement at a young age, Kumon dual program completer. To say that Ethan Sen is an inspiration to other young Kumon students would be an understatement. As a member of the USA Taekwondo National Team, Ethan has won gold medals at the USA Taekwondo National Championships and bronze medals at the 2016 World Championships.

He enrolled in Kumon at the age of three and completed both math and reading programs by the 7th grade. One key to his success was staying focused year-round. Remaining motivated during the summer however, can be a difficult task for many children. We had the opportunity to ask Ethan a few questions about his journey and how he was able to advance with time management.

How has Kumon helped you academically?

Kumon has helped me to always stay ahead of other students in my grade. I’ve been able to complete my school work very quickly and that gives me more time to focus on other subjects and make good grades in all areas. I have more free time after school to participate in other activities and sports without having to worry about falling behind in school.

How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

Kumon has helped me to stay focused in my Taekwondo training. It has also trained me to persevere through every milestone and to not give up. I’ve applied the concept of daily practice and repetition I learned from Kumon into my Taekwondo training.

What is the biggest challenge you faced with Kumon during the summer and how did you overcome it?

I am highly competitive in Taekwondo at national and international competitions, but I also needed to manage my time with Kumon and free time for friends and family. In the summer, I really focus on balancing my time wisely by sitting down with my parents and creating a daily schedule at the beginning of each week. The process has taught me a lot about time management and priorities.

You’ve completed both the math and reading programs, how did you keep yourself motivated and disciplined year-round?

The most beneficial thing I learned in Kumon was to not give up. Persevere through the hardest times and I will finally arrive at my destiny. At one point, the level of difficulty in math was really high, but I was determined to never give up. Kumon taught me that and I’ve been able to apply that in my everyday life.

What advice do you have for other Kumon students as they continue in the summer months?

My advice is to plan out your schedule on a weekly basis that includes Kumon and all other activities on a calendar. Be disciplined and follow the schedule every day. The best way to stay on track with Kumon is to do your work and corrections as early in the week as possible. Whenever I was able to, I also did extra worksheets so that I could finish before the end of the week. Keep yourself on track, endure and never give up.