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Following your dreams: Meet 10-year-old author, Roohi


“Sometimes there really is a whole other world out there, waiting to be discovered.” Escaping the Clouds by Roohi Sanka

The most serendipitous moments can sometimes open possibilities beyond our imagination. When Roohi was six years old, an author visited her school and Roohi made up her mind to become a writer. As many parents know, aspirations are as fleeting as each new experience enters a child’s life. Roohi stayed true to her dream and at age nine, her first book, Escaping the Clouds was published.

Her parents enrolled her in the Kumon Math and Reading Program to enrich her academic studies. “My Kumon Instructor made sure I was doing my work at a good pace for me and she made sure that I understood my (Kumon) homework,” says Roohi.  Now at age 10 and three years into Kumon, she’s two years above her grade level in both math and reading. “Kumon definitely contributed towards developing her time management and study skills,” said Anu Ganith, her Kumon Instructor.

Publishing a book wasn’t her only landmark accomplishment. Roohi performed in a Bollywood troupe and danced at the NBA Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons game in 2015. Also in 2015, she and her team won second place in the Purdue University Indiana Academic Spell Bowl and fourth place in the Indiana State Spell Bowl. She also enjoys playing the piano, swimming, devotional singing, and foreign language classes, all while getting straight A’s in every subject at school.

Roohi, a budding philanthropist, plans to donate a portion of her book sales to the Indianapolis Soup Kitchen, where she volunteers each month to prepare and serve food to those in need. Additionally, along with a group of school students, she makes origami, mini portfolios and dry erase games boards. The sales proceeds go to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.

Roohi has her sights set on becoming a doctor. With a curious mind and great grades as a bonus, Roohi is well on her way to achieving all of her dreams.