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Fun & Affordable Fall Activities for Kids

graphic banner full of fall leaves with the title Fun & Affordable Fall Activities for Kids

Are you searching for fall activities for kids to get involved in this season? This fall is the perfect time to try new activities that bring your family together and create lasting memories. We’ve put together a list of affordable fall activities for kids that are fun for the whole family.

apples halves left on a cutting board

Visit an orchard or local market to pick apples

Apples are an essential part of fall. You can visit an orchard nearby to pick your own or stop at a local market to pick some up. Apples are a great snack on their own, but they can also be used to make so many other great dishes! For example, you can make candy apples, apple pie, apple sauce, and even apple chips. Search for a recipe that the whole family will enjoy and can work together to create it.

Considering using apples for art? A great activity for early learners is to make apple stampings! Cut the apple in half for your child to get started. You can also cut down different sizes so they have more stamp options.

a pumpkin on the kitchen table next to a bowl

Decorate a pumpkin and roast pumpkin seeds

One of the most fun fall activities for kids and the entire family is to decorate pumpkins. Head to a local pumpkin patch to pick your own or check out local grocery stores that may have some to choose from. You can turn it into a science experiment before you decorate by guessing how much the pumpkins weigh and seeing if they all float or sink in water.

Pumpkins can be decorated by painting, gluing items to them, or carving designs. It’s especially fun to carve them because the seeds that are removed can be turned into a great healthy roasted pumpkin seed snack!

a father and son hiking on a nature trail

Go hiking

Hiking is a fall activity for kids that is fun, active, and can even be educational. Find a local trail that you’ve never been on, or a favorite one your family enjoys, and head out for a day of hiking. It’s great to hike in the fall because the air is cooler and depending on where you live, the leaves may be changing colors. You can share with your child why and how leaves change colors each autumn. Observe the different colors along the way and collect some leaves to be used for art later.

four different colored fall leaves

Create leaf paintings and rubbings

While you and your child are spending time outdoors, encourage them to find unique leaves to create a work of art. They can paint designs on the leaves, paint them with different colors and press them to a blank page, or even create leaf rubbings. Another option is to trace the leaves on paper, color them in and cut them out to create a wreath. These works of art can be used to decorate an area in your home just in time for other fall festivities.

a kid standing near a camping tent looking at the forest

Go camping (even in your backyard)

If you’re interested in taking a trip but aren’t too sure where to go just yet, you can camp right in your own backyard! Work together with your child to set up the tent, prep a fire or grill some snacks, play games, tell stories, and stargaze. Even though you’re not far from home, it still feels like a fun and unique activity for kids (plus, you can run inside for more snacks if needed!)

The fall season is the perfect time for a mix of outdoor and indoor activities. This list of fun fall activities for kids is a great starting point. Be on the lookout for our Fall Bucket List for Kids that will include even more ideas to get involved in this season!