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Golf Star Tees Up for a Bright Future

Sarah, 11-years-old, Math Level I & Reading Level HII

Some of Sarah’s earliest childhood memories include tagging along with her father on the golf course. Her father Robert was a board member on the Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club in Washington, DC, so it’s no wonder Sarah fell in love with the sport from the very moment she picked up her first set of clubs when she was just three years old.

Sarah quickly rose up the ranks in the world of golf. Just last year, she competed in the 2019 U.S. Kids World Golf Championship, finishing the summer with her best score of 83 on 18 holes from 4,400 yards. She also competed in the 2017 and 2018 U.S. Kids World Golf Championship in Pinehurst, NC, and qualified to compete in 2020 as well.

Sarah’s competitive spirit and talent for the sport didn’t come without years of practice and determination. To perfect her golf swing, she has learned the importance of focusing and following through—just as she must focus and follow through on her goals.

Since Sarah is a homeschool student, she feels that Kumon offers her the flexibility to complete her schoolwork and still have time for all of her favorite activities. Kumon is the perfect supplement for homeschool students like Sarah. Kumon Students study at their own pace, which means students often end up studying beyond their own grade level, leaving more time to focus on their areas of interest.

“On the golf course, Kumon has helped me with focus. There is a lot of time between shots. I love walking and talking with my friends, but when it is my turn to hit the ball, I have to shut everything down and focus on my golf shot,” said Sarah.

“The biggest lesson I have learned in golf is to always follow through when I take my swing. If you don’t follow through, you are likely to fall short of the target which could mean the difference between sole first place or having to have a playoff for first place.”

Sarah’s accomplishments on the course don’t stop there. She advanced to the third round of the 2017 and 2019 PGA Drive, Chip and Putt competition– playing among some of the most talented junior golfers in the country.

Off the course, Sarah is also breaking records in playing chess. She’s the 2020 Washington, DC K-5 Chess Champion, and the 2019 Mid Atlantic Regional Girls Chess Champion. Sarah even finds time to play the harp and is a Black Belt in Martial Arts.

“I’m a homeschool student, and I travel a lot for golf, chess, and music,” said Sarah. “Kumon is flexible and allows me to complete my schoolwork while also participating in my favorite activities.”

This past summer, Sarah was one of 155 students from Canada, USA and Mexico who attended the Virtual Kumon Student Conference. The students had the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by Kumon Ambassadors, former top Kumon Students who are now excelling in their careers and extracurricular pursuits.  They also met each other in virtual breakout rooms and engaged in a discussion about methods of teaching.

Sarah shares with us her plans for the future and the most important lesson she has learned on her Kumon journey.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a Supreme Court Judge, that way I can create laws which are fair to everyone.

How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

I use the ability to focus and my time management skills while competing in chess tournaments and musical performances.

What is the most beneficial lesson you’ve learned in Kumon thus far?

Kumon has taught me that daily practice makes learning easier.

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

In the Kumon Reading Program, I enjoy the stories and sometimes I purchase the book. In the Kumon Math Program, I enjoy advancing to new levels and learning complex operations. Most of all, I enjoy achieving the awards.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Misty Copeland. She experienced poverty and hardship, yet she overcame those obstacles and became a world-famous ballerina!

How has Kumon helped you academically?

The Kumon Math Program has taught me how to quickly process information. The stories in the Kumon Reading Program have taught me a lot about culture, religion, and world history.

How do you continue to stay motivated in Kumon even when work becomes challenging?

To stay motivated, I think about becoming a dual program completer by the time I am 13 years old.

If you could sum up your Kumon experience in one word, what would it be?


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