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Hansuja, age 7: Dee Mahtani, Kumon Instructor


Hansuja is a delightful young girl known for always donning a warm smile. It’s no wonder considering what she has accomplished.  At age seven, she won first place in the Bhagavad Gita local and regional chanting competitions and was invited to attend the national competition. At these competitions, Hansuja chants famous hymns from memory in another language. She used the study skills she acquired at Kumon to learn the passages of Vendantic hymns, which landed her first place in the competition.

Hansuja was recently invited to the National Spelling Bee in Tampa, FL.  “Out of 1058 participants in the US only 158 were invited and I was one of them,” says Hansuja.

English was Hansuja’s second language when her parents enrolled her in the Kumon Reading Program at age four. In less than a year, she made great strides in her reading ability. Being impressed with the results, her mom also enrolled her in the Kumon Math Program. Now at age seven, not only is Hansuja a Kumon Honor Roll Student, she is also studying above her school grade level in both math and reading.

“Hansuja is so fun loving and intelligent. She is very curious and loves to learn. She is independent and focused.  My role is to guide her and help explain and clarify questions,” says Dee Mahtani, her Kumon Instructor.  Hansuja’s mom feels that in many ways Hansuja is more disciplined and this has made her academic life much easier. Now she has more time to pursue her favorite activities. She also studies Carnatic music, classical and traditional Indian dance, and loves to swim.

Hansuja would like to be a scientist when she grows up. With the confidence she has gained, there are no limits to what she can do in life.