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How Kumon Prepares your Child for High School

Two kids reading a book together

High School is the next big milestone for many kids this year. And it is… a big milestone. In many ways, it’s the beginning of their journey towards adulthood. There are a lot of skills kids are expected to have developed by the time they reach high school, and other skills that can give them a leg up as they maneuver through new challenges.  

Here are a few of the important skills that Kumon can help your child develop in preparation for high school: 

Mastery of the Fundamentals 

To start, kids are expected to have reached a certain level of fluency in academic ability. The specifics of those expectations can vary between regions, but the key is mastery. For example, in high school math, students will be introduced to complex mathematical concepts, and if a student hasn’t mastered the fundamentals of multiplication, division and so on, they could find themselves at a disadvantage.  

At Kumon, students work through the concepts at their own pace until they have mastered them before moving on. This means no knowledge gaps that can resurface later as a potential roadblock.  

Good Study Habits 

One of the challenges in high school is an increase in workload. To balance that, kids need strong study habits such as developing a study routine, having an organized workspace, and planning daily study and review. That last one is important. Daily study can help a student feel less overwhelmed because they’re tackling study time in small chunks. It can also help create more momentum in their learning because they’re constantly being reminded of what they’ve recently learned. They can build off of that, rather than trying to “cram” for a test where the focus is often simply to memorize. 

Time Management Skills 

Time management is related to study habits but that goes beyond the classroom. Not only do students need to learn to manage their time for homework and studying, but they may also start expanding their extracurricular activities, and often doing so with less parental oversight.  

Kumon is a worksheet-based program that requires daily study. Each subject, math or reading, requires about 30 minutes per day. Kumon students develop the discipline to set time aside every day for their homework or to attend class at the Kumon Center. 

Independent Study Skills 

Younger children are taught early on to raise their hand when they have a question. But in high school, the pace quickens and there is an expectation to figure some things out on your own. Previewing assignments to ensure they understand the scope of what’s expected, reviewing examples and similar material they’ve already done to help understand new concepts, and simply giving things a try before asking for help – these are important strategies to help maneuver through new material without relying on assistance.  

Kumon Students actively develop critical thinking skills as they progress independently through a carefully crafted math and reading curriculum. They’re challenged to follow the example and try to solve the problem on their own, and only once they’ve tried can they ask for guidance. 

Whether your child is starting high school this year or in a few years, Kumon can help get them ready to take ownership over their learning. Learn more about the Kumon Math or Reading Program and enroll your child today!