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How this Aspiring Hockey Pro Applies What He Learned from Kumon

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Patani standing on the ice Like many young Canadian boys, Patani is in love with the sport of hockey. He started playing at the age of five and the rest was history. Today he is an elite player with aspirations of playing in the National Hockey League.

Patani is also an elite Kumon Student. He has received the Best of the Best Award in Calgary, Canada, which recognizes Kumon Students studying at least three years above their current school grade level. At 12 years old, Patani is studying calculus. Quite the feat for someone who isn’t even in high school yet.

Patani credits much of his success on the ice to his studies in Kumon. He tells us about his journey and provides advice for other Kumon Students.

How has Kumon helped you outside the classroom?

Kumon has taught me a number of life skills, which I’m able to apply in school, but also outside of the classroom. These skills include time management, determination, perseverance, independence, and organization. Most importantly, I learned to always make good decisions.

What is the most beneficial thing you’ve learn in Kumon thus far?

Kumon has helped me learn that you can’t avoid work that you haven’t finished. It has taught me to plan more strategically, so I’m not trying to cram last minute.

Patani playing hockey

How important is it to stay consistent with Kumon year-round?

It is important to create a sustainable plan that allows you to continue to progress in Kumon. Keep in mind that some levels are easier than others and some may take more time than others. Account for that extra time. It’s also important to realize that your schedule is busier at different points in the year. As an elite hockey player, I’m very busy in the winter. I made the mistake of falling behind one year and I vowed to never let it happen again.

Do you have any tips for year-round study?

Make Kumon a priority! Allot a specific time of the day to do your work and stick with it. Designate a support system that will encourage you to stay on track.

Take advantage of the summer schedule and complete extra worksheets. If you know you have vacations planned, try to do extra work before the trips.

With his determination and perseverance, we have no doubt that Patani will continue to succeed in the classroom. The question is—will he become the next Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby? We look forward to following his success on the ice! Keep up the great work Patani!

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