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Kumon Runs Deep for this Trio of Siblings

Rodrigues Family Photo

Meet the Rodrigues family—Sheridan (13), Rania (11), and Haydn (9). Their parents, Chantal and Dominic, decided to enroll them in the Kumon Math and Reading Program three years ago. Thanks to their hard-work and the guidance from Instructor Gulnar Surani at Kumon of Summerlin, today all three of them are studying above their respective grade levels and achieving remarkable success outside the classroom.

Sheridan Rodrigues with his soccer coachSheridan’s time in Kumon is impressive. He enrolled when he was 10 years-old and quickly completed the entire math and reading program in one short year. That means he was studying Shakespeare and calculus at 11-years-old! And the most impressive thing about his accomplishment is that he did that while also a member of the US Youth Olympic Development Program for Nevada, participating in state piano competitions, and winning many regional and state academic awards.

“Kumon provided Sheridan with an incredible foundation that goes beyond merely the curriculum of the math and reading programs,” said Chantal, Sheridan’s mother. “It extends to the fundamental process of seeking and gaining knowledge, being consistent, learning independence, being motivated, trying hard and sometimes failing, building perseverance, setting goals, measuring yourself, and ultimately succeeding.”

Rania RodriguesRania was 7-years-old when she first enrolled in Kumon. She immediately fell in love with the Kumon Math Program and completed the entire program by the time she was 11. As the second sibling to become a program completer, she was studying three years above her grade level in Kumon. Not to mention balancing competitive soccer and musical activities. Rania may be the middle child between her two brothers, but she is definitely her own person.

“Rania is like the little engine that could,” said Dominic, Rania’s father. “She sets high goals and big dreams for herself, and they truly are her own, not ours or her brothers’. Some may be realistic, and some may not be; however, she embraces all of them as if they were of the same importance to her.”

Did we mention that she consistently ranked in the top 20 of top performing Kumon Math Students in all of North America?

Haydn RodriguesThe youngest of the three siblings, Haydn was just 5-years-old when he enrolled in the program. Now at 9-years-old, he’s studying three years above his grade level in math and reading at Kumon—discovering trigonometric functions and analyzing literary characters while improving critical reading abilities.

“Haydn is an inspiration to us because of what he has achieved in the Kumon Program at such a young age,” said his parents, Chantal and Dominic. “The youngest of our three children in Kumon, he has worked smartly and quickly to progress to the upper levels in just a few years.”

Haydn also plays competitive soccer and the violin. He consistently ranks in Kumon North America’s Top 20 in both the math and reading programs.

A healthy dose of sibling rivalry is good for the competitive soul, but it’s obvious that this trio of siblings are just as proud of each other’s accomplishments. We look forward to seeing their continued success inside and outside of the classroom.

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