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Kumon Staff Pick: Clown by Quentin Blake

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RRL Title: Clown written and illustrated by Quentin Blake

Grade/Kumon Level of Book: Pre-reader/RRL 6A-2


Why do you personally enjoy this book?

Clown is a wordless picture book that begins with the title character being carelessly tossed into the trash with his stuffed-animal friends. Instead of becoming disheartened, Clown makes every effort possible to find an individual who will help rescue his buddies from the garbage bin. It takes legwork, persistence, and patience, but Clown finally enlists the assistance of a family who needs him as much as he needs them.


Why do you think students would enjoy this book?

Pre-readers can create their own narrative while joining Clown on his adventure, which is conveyed by thoughtful and expressive illustrations. Without words, the author has given his reader the opportunity to narrate Clown’s mission as one that is both heartfelt and entertaining.


What skills and/or values might students gain by reading this book?

Students will exercise the important pre-reading skill of creating their own narrative by chronicling Clown’s journey with use of the detailed and endearing illustrations. As a wonderful bonus, they are also exposed to themes of compassion, loyalty, and friendship.