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Kumon Student Embraces Challenges In and Out of the Kumon Program

Mithra has been a Kumon Math and Reading Student since 2017. Throughout the years, Mithra has seen what can be accomplished with practice and hard work. The Kumon Method has not only challenged Mithra, but also propelled her towards numerous accomplishments.

Embracing Challenges and Mastering Concepts

Mithra embraces being challenged and mastering new concepts through the Kumon Math and Reading Program. Completing challenging levels provides a sense of accomplishment and instills a belief that she can overcome any obstacle.

Mithra said, “When I complete a level or a certain area in a level where it is really tough, I can always feel like I accomplished something big.”

A huge accomplishment that Mithra made was receiving the J by 6 Award in math and reading. This Kumon Award is presented to a student who completed Math/Reading worksheet J10 or above before or during their 6th-grade year. Math Level J focuses on factorization, quadratic equations, and simultaneous equations. Reading Level J develops critical reading skills, the structure of passages, and character analysis.

The Kumon Program has equipped Mithra with a deep understanding of math and reading, enabling her to assist fellow students in her school classroom. Mithra’s enriched vocabulary and quick basic math skills, nurtured by Kumon, played a pivotal role in securing her a coveted spot in the gifted program at her school.

She advises fellow Kumon students working through challenging levels: “Keep pushing yourself even when you think you cannot do it. If you keep going through the level or the section you are on, when you complete it, you will feel motivated to keep going.”

Achievements Outside of Kumon

Mithra is also active in local contests and competitions that allow her to push herself further. She won 1st place in a Remembrance Day literary contest and secured 5th place in a Battle of the Books competition with her school. Plus, she created a Little Free Library for her neighborhood which gives her community access to take a book and share a book.

Mithra has a special love for reading. Her favorite books are from the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer. She said, “I love this series because it opens up the world of imagination.” She enjoys how the books allow her to visualize characters and what the world around them feels like.

Practicing is also a key component when it comes to the piano and flute. She participates in her school’s band and with hard work, Mithra clinched 1st place in the Sunderland Music Festival for piano.

Other areas of interest for Mithra include baking, playing sports such as basketball and badminton, writing short stories, and observing nature around her home.

Looking Towards the Future

Mithra dreams of becoming an obstetrician. She said, “I would like to bring new lives into the world and unite the mothers with their babies to see the unconditional bond between them.” Mithra recognizes Kumon’s role in her journey to get there, not only in academic preparation but also in fostering essential skills. She believes that Kumon will help her with her time management skills by making sure she completes Kumon on time. She said, “Kumon can help me thoroughly learn English so I can master other languages to speak with patients.”

Mithra’s journey as a Kumon Student over the past 7 years showcases her academic achievements, her growth, and her commitment to making a difference in her community.