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Kumon Student Uses Pageant Platform to Spread Awareness of the Environment

Khushi stands in a white shirt and sash with her crown

“To everyone who has a dream, follow it. It is possible.” -Magdalena Cohendet, Miss. Uruguay

Khushi stands on a pier wearing a blue dress and sash as the wind blows her hair

Miss. World Canada, and all beauty pageants alike, are more than just glitz and glamour. Each year, women across the world compete for their chance to be crowned and wait for the moment the emcee utters those highly anticipated words, “Here’s your new Miss. Teen Canada…” Once that crown is placed on the winner’s head, that’s when their journey begins.

Historically, pageants have empowered women of all ages to become advocates for issues that are near and dear to their heart. It’s not always easy to talk about world issues and what needs to be done in order to fight for their cause, but the pageant stage is a platform for their voice to be heard and ultimately gain their confidence.

For 17-year-old Khushi, being a Miss. World Canada representative for British Columbia has empowered her to find her voice and advocate for the environment – a cause she’s passionate about. “I’ve always strived to bring more awareness about the degrading environment,” said Khushi. “Living in a place filled with nature, I appreciate its delicacy and beauty. As an avid environmentalist, I want to promote sustainable lifestyles.”

Khushi stands in a plain room wearing a red dress and tiaraAs a 2019 Miss. World Canada representative, Khushi wants to continue her fight and spread her voice. Her advocacy efforts and volunteer time have been recognized as she is often sought out for numerous speaking engagements. Khushi’s philanthropic efforts don’t stop there. Previously holding the title as Miss. Teen Greater Vancouver, she worked with other various charities such as the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer. This fundraiser event is held in various regions throughout the year, where law enforcement and emergency personnel cycle along set routes and engage with communities along their ride to raise money for childhood cancer research and support.

Khushi is in her final year of the International Baccalaureate diploma and will be attending the University of British Columbia to pursue a degree in medicine to ultimately become a doctor. “My passion for helping those who need it the most inspired me to want to pursue a degree in medicine,” said Khushi. “My goal is to join Doctors without Borders, in order to provide healthcare to those in need.”

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