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Marcus and Xavier: Individuals in their own right, but on the same path towards learning success

Marcus and Xavier

Marcus and Xavier are seven year old twin brothers who light up their local Kumon Math & Reading Center with their wit and charm. Marcus gave his Kumon Instructor a chuckle when he told her he was too tired to get his Kumon homework 100 percent correct. Xavier is good humored and studious. Their individuality complements each other as it gives rise to them both meeting their learning goals.

In the first grade, reading wasn’t as enjoyable an experience for Marcus as it was for Xavier. In school, Marcus was required to attend tutoring instead of gym class, leaving him feeling frustrated and in the shadow of his brother, Xavier. At the start of the second grade, their parents enrolled them in the Kumon Reading Program. By the end of the school year, Marcus’ reading and comprehension abilities improved, along with his grades and confidence. Marcus beamed when presented with a Perseverance Award from his school. The siblings are on par with their academic progress and Marcus and Xavier have been honor roll students for the past three marking periods at school.

Both Marcus and Xavier also achieved Kumon Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) status in Reading. ASHR is awarded to students working on Kumon assignments that are above their current grade level. “The boys picked up such a love for reading and every night they fall asleep with a book,” says Christina, their mother. “My husband reads a scary book to them every night, and if he forgets they make sure to remind him.”

Their dad, Nando, brings them to the Kumon Center, making sure they are prepared and organized for class. Christina balances their time between academic and recreational activities, knowing when they need a small break from all things academic to engage in other activities. Working closely with their Kumon Instructor, both parents understand Kumon’s independent learning approach and have enjoyed seeing their boys flourish in school.

After about a year into the Kumon Reading Program, Marcus and Xavier were enrolled in the Kumon Math Program. Pairing the reading program with the math program builds a solid foundation in their learning abilities. “Marcus and Xavier have become individuals and it’s really cool to observe them grow and advance on their own,” says Ryanne, their Kumon Instructor.  Given their current learning pace, by 6th grade, it’s likely they will be at the Kumon advanced algebra level, working their way up to the factor theorem. “I really can’t wait,” beams their Kumon Instructor. What a support trifecta – Marcus and Xavier have each other, their parents and their Kumon Instructor, all cheering them along the road of success.