Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success with Autism

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success with Autism

Photo of Albertus

Albertus was first introduced to Kumon as an early teen. As a child, he was diagnosed with autism and language delays. Reading comprehension issues arose throughout childhood and it became more pronounced when he was about 14 years old. His mother heard of Kumon through professional acquaintances. After learning about what we offer, she was steadfast in enrolling her son in the Reading Program. Albertus, a ninth grader at the time, started the Kumon Reading Program at the Paragraph Building Skill Block level, usually geared towards fourth to sixth graders. Within a few months, his reading comprehension improved. Over the course of four years, he completed the entire Kumon Reading Program.

“His reading improved, as well as his academic achievements,” said Maria, his mother. “I believe in the self-learning approach and the daily homework schedule to get kids in the habit of working towards their goal on a daily basis.”

Albertus currently works as a Kumon Center assistant on a part-time basis while learning 12th-grade science to study Kinesiology when he enters university. Over the years, he has built a strong bond with all the students he interacts with at the center.

“He not only benefitted academically, but also socially from being involved with the center,” said Maria. “He never felt out of place, even though he started the program as a ninth grader. This process helped him engage in many volunteer opportunities at school and church. He was awarded a citizenship and service award at his high school.”

Albertus plans on becoming either a physiotherapist or physical education teacher. In the meantime, he loves helping kids at his center improve their work and academic skills needed for success.