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Review Highlights

“Kumon has helped me to not give up when things get tough.” – Valerie
“Kumon has helped me to become a more independent thinker.” – Reena
“In life you need dedication, commitment and consistency, Kumon teaches you that.” – Peter

The Kumon Program, now more than 50 years old, has empowered millions of students across the globe, helping them develop better study habits, improved concentration, and a more positive attitude towards learning.

Discover what students and parents say about the world’s largest after-school math and reading program.

Student Reviews

“Kumon has helped me become a more independent thinker in every way. Kumon teaches you how to teach yourself to the point where you are self-sufficient and that is completely invaluable.” – Reena P.

“Before I started Kumon, I wasn’t very good at math. I didn’t know my multiplication tables, and even the simplest things like addition, I would have to count on my hands. I started Kumon in 4th grade; it really helped me become more confident and by 6th grade I was the kid that finished first in class. Kumon helps boost my confidence in everything. Now I create more goals that I want to achieve and now I know that there’s always some solution that I just have to find.” – Grace S.

“Kumon has helped me to not give up when things get tough.” – Valerie

“Kumon has given me a sense of discipline and that discipline comes into my life every day – with ballet, acting, and with any project I attack. I have that mindset of wanting to complete it.”
– Grace F.

“When I was in grade school, I was a pretty weak student. At Kumon, I was able to learn at my own pace. Doing well at Kumon early on helped me do well later on. I started the program in 1st grade. I don’t think I was at grade level yet. I stayed with Kumon through sophomore year of high school. I would say the biggest things that Kumon helped me with were confidence, and over time I did better in school. That told me I was doing something right. And the structure I learned at Kumon set me to do well in undergrad, completing two majors in two entirely different areas and also doing extra-curriculars on the side.” – Jomy V.

“In 2012, I was chosen as the mayor of Placentia, which put me in the position of being the youngest elected Asian-American mayor in the country. Experience from Kumon in speed as well as the tricks and the mathematics are things that I continue to use. My confidence comes from the Kumon program. All those skills I am able to continue to take with me have played a very valuable role in my success.” – Jeremy

Parent Reviews

“The other day, my husband told me that sending our son to Kumon was probably one of the best choices we have made. I think his self-confidence has grown, he knows how to add, he knows how to sound words. I want him to be confident so that he can do whatever it is that he sets out to do. I want him to have the skills to be able to do that and I just want him to enjoy going to school.” – Lissett

“In life you need dedication, commitment and consistency. Kumon teaches you that.” – Peter

“Kumon has helped him focus better; his attention span has gotten better. When he first started, I used to have to sit down with him because it was an alien subject for him and I think he needed that additional help but of late, he’s been able to do his homework, he sits and he does it independently. Kumon has helped him to build up his abilities a little more. The repetition reinforces what they learn and I think that helps them tremendously because they’re not sitting over there pulling their hair out thinking how difficult this problem is, it just comes to them naturally.  Right now he is doing math at two grades above his grade level.”
– Darina

“I knew when I had children that they would do Kumon. It has made everything at school a lot easier for them. It keeps them more engaged in school and allows them to enjoy everything that they are doing there and enjoy that whole experience.” – Mrs. Carrasquillo

“In 3rd grade, we have an 8 year old who is failing. It was shocking. It is also frightening for a parent to be in that position because like all parents you want the best for your children. So when we committed to going to Kumon, we did it not thinking that it would be as empowering as it has been. Her grades have all been A’s in math. The self confidence in that was so empowering. Anna feels comfortable to encounter problems and solve them. That makes a whole world of difference whether you are an adult or an 11 year old.” – Anna