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Soar Past the Summer Slide with Kumon’s Summer Learning Roundup

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Summer is upon us! But along with the warmer weather, trips to the pool and family vacations comes a not-so-fun reality—the summer slide. At Kumon, we believe in the importance of year-round study and have been proving its benefits for 60 years now.

Summer is a break from school, but it shouldn’t be a break from learning. Check out some of our favorite tips to help prevent your children from spiraling down the summer slide!

What is the Summer Slide?

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Whether you call it the “summer slide” or “summer brain drain,” taking the whole summer off from learning has proven to have undesirable effects leading to unwanted results. Click below to find out what the research says happens to your children when they don’t stay engaged during the summer months.

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6 Practical Tips for Summer Parenting

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Preparing for summer can be overwhelming! In the blink of an eye, children go from structure to vacation mode. Many parents worry about their children being bored during the summer. This can lead to overscheduling, which can actually be counterproductive. Click below to check out some of our tips for summer parenting!

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Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun this Summer

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There’s plenty of time for both learning and fun during the summer months. And who said that learning had to be boring? Click on the link below to check out some super simple activities to keep your children engaged this summer. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

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