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How Can Parents Encourage Independent Learning?

Parents often are attracted to Kumon Centres because they read or hear that Kumon helps students become independent learners. Independent learning is prized because students are engaged and enjoy learning. They are more confident and perform better academically. What students learn at Kumon works best when it is reinforced at home, however. So, how


Overcoming Challenging Levels in the Kumon Math Program

Working through the Kumon Program can be much like building a house. Before you even pour the foundation, you need an idea of what you want the house to look like when it’s done. How many floors it will have, how many bedrooms, and how many bathrooms?


How Do You Overcome Stumbling Blocks Using the Kumon Method?

Nikkita Ganatra remembers when the parents of a young girl came in about six years ago to inquire about signing their daughter up for Kumon at her Center in Foothill Ranch, California.

The girl, Kayla, was unsure about whether the program was right for her, but her

Girl working at just right level of learning

How do you know your child is studying at just the right level?

Have you ever noticed that when your child wants to do something, they can concentrate on it for a long time, perhaps longer than you ever thought they could? They can’t sit still for 5 minutes when you’re trying to get something done or are finishing up an important call