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Mistakes Make the Student

“Click!” You realize your mistake as soon as you hit send… the funny cat video you meant to forward to your friend was just emailed to the entire company. 

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Cultivating Self-Learning At Home

One of the greatest benefits of Kumon study is “self-learning.” But it can’t always be easily identified and knowing how to cultivate it takes practice. Self-learning means that instead of having the problem explained to them, the child has the ability and perseverance to learn on their own using the worksheets while relying on their previous knowledge.

Say it Right - Phonics Practice For Kids

Say it Right! Phonics Sounds Practice for Kids

If your children need a little help with their pronunciation (not uncommon!), then this collection of sound charts and audio files will be helpful! Get your kids on the road to eloquence.

Back-to-School Handbook

The Kumon Back-to-School Handbook

Back-to-school time is upon us! Are you prepared? If you find yourself scrambling, we’ve got all the tips, shopping lists and reminders you could need to make this the best school year ever!