This Kumon Math Program Completer Wants to Save Lives

This Kumon Math Program Completer Wants to Save Lives

Justin sitting in a chair

Justin, 14-years-old, Math Program Completer

As a freshman in high school, 14-year-old Justin is in honors precalculus, a class no other freshman student is in at his high school. Justin credits Kumon for helping him gain valuable skills that laid a solid foundation for his academic success. He enrolled in Kumon when he was just 4-years-old, and successfully completed the entire Kumon Math Program in ten years.

“Kumon has taught me how to think critically, a skill that truly determines intelligence,” said Justin. “Using critical thinking skills, I solve proofs in math, predict possible consequences in social science, and predict the outcomes of lab experiments in biology.”Justin in his soccer uniform

Justin is ranked #1 in his freshman class due to his outstanding GPA from excelling in his honors and advanced placement classes. He even put his math skills to the test competing in the Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematics Competition when he was in eighth grade. The competition consists of a series of examinations that build problem-solving skills and knowledge for middle and high school students. Justin is proud to say he scored second out of the 9th and 10th graders on the “Franklin Mathletes” team. Outside of the classroom, Justin can be found on the soccer field playing for his competitive team, Sacramento United. With a love for animals, Justin finds time in his busy schedule to volunteer at his local pet sanctuary.

He hopes to one day receive his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and become a neurosurgeon.

“Being in charge of someone’s life is scary, but saving lives is what I want to do. I believe this is attainable if I continue to work hard.”

Justin’s accomplishments were recognized as he was one of 55 students selected to attend the 2018 Kumon Student Conference in Calgary, Canada. We had the opportunity to speak to Justin about his Kumon journey.

How has Kumon helped you academically?

Kumon has made me comfortable with asking for help when I need it, although I tend to dwell on a problem occasionally because I want to figure it out myself. Asking for help is needed sometimes to fully understand concepts both in and out of Kumon. It aids me in achieving perfect scores on school and Kumon tests, and having an in-depth understanding of the material.

What do you enjoy most about Kumon?

I enjoy that it has given me the ability to confidently work above my grade level.

If you could sum up your Kumon experience in one word, what would it be?


How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

Kumon has helped me develop critical thinking skills that are used in every day activities. Whichever field of study I decide to enter, Kumon will have supported me. For example, a scientist must work with precision through an experiment to gather and analyze data. Additionally, the repetition the program encompasses allows for the development of motor and concentration skills that can be vital in the workforce. Finally, if you’re like me, you like to learn new things, and Kumon inspires me in this way.

Justin with a group at the student conferenceWhat did it mean to you attending the Student Conference?

I have been doing Kumon since a young age and have praised it for how much it has taught me and how it has propelled me above my peers. Approaching the end of my Kumon experience, I wanted to sum up the purpose of my journey and note any long-term benefits the conference could carry. Being able to build my skills and continue to develop is important to me, and there seemed to be long-term opportunities there. Also, it was a great opportunity to meet others who, like me, try to excel. I wanted to learn new strategies to be successful, hear the speakers’ stories, and find out what worked for them. Associating with people who share my aspirations and intellectual interests is an important part of my life. Habitually in search of academic and social opportunities, I truly find this Student Conference of great interest.


What advice do you have for other Kumon Students?

When I first started Kumon, I did not fully understand the benefits. My parents encouraged me to do my Kumon Worksheets every day. Over time, I started to experience the benefits of the program. I would tell kids who were just starting the program that they should continue doing Kumon every day in both subjects until they complete the program. This would give them such a high chance of getting into their dream college and pursuing their dream career. They would also have a lot of confidence in any academic challenge that most other students would not have.

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