Summer Slide Infographic : What Could Your Kids Gain (or Lose)?

Summer Slide Infographic : What Could Your Kids Gain (or Lose)?

Colorful Playground with a summer slide

For most kids, the end of the school year evokes images of sun-filled days at the pool, adventurous family vacations, no alarm clocks and extended bedtimes. However, water parks and playgrounds may not be the only places your children experience a “slide” this summer. Whether you call it the “summer slide” or “brain drain,” children often fall behind. This happens when they are enjoying the season off without any academic learning during the summer months. That’s why we put together a helpful summer slide infographic for you to support your children.

While summer is a great time for kids to relax and have fun, studies show kids can lose up to two months of their knowledge and skills between school grades, and spend six weeks relearning in the fall. Just imagine your children forgetting everything they’ve learned in April and May by the time school begins.

The summer slide infographic below compares the gains and losses kids may experience over the summer.






It’s important to remember the brain is like any other muscle. It needs a regular dose of exercise to stay strong. The great news is that there’s plenty of time in the summer for fun and learning. Kids that continue learning throughout the summer have an academic advantage that can catapult them into the new school year.