Why Timing and Accuracy are Important in Your Child’s Studies

Why Timing and Accuracy are Important in Your Child’s Studies

What is Timing?

Timing is defined as the period or point in time that something occurs. When we talk about academics, it is the time it takes to complete an assignment. At Kumon, time plays an important role in your child’s progress. Kumon Worksheets have a spot for students to write down their start and end time. The time taken to complete the worksheets helps your child’s Kumon Instructor determine how challenging or simple the set was for them to complete.

What is Accuracy?

Accuracy is defined as the quality of being correct.  This means how well your child completed an assignment or their Kumon Worksheet set. Accuracy can determine how well your child knows the subject matter and how ready they are to advance. Accuracy is also another important component at Kumon. In fact, Kumon Students are encouraged to correct any mistakes right away so that they are less likely to repeat the same mistake on future assignments.

Why is Timing and Accuracy Important?

Timing and accuracy go hand in hand with one another because they help determine your child’s confidence in their work. A child might be able to rank a perfect score, but it might have taken them a long time to complete their assignment. They may not fully grasp the related concepts, they might have distractions, or they may not be confident enough to complete the work quickly. It is important for your child to feel comfortable with the assignments or worksheets they are working on. This will help them seamlessly advance in their coursework. Keep an eye out for your child if they are completing work too quickly or if it is becoming too time consuming. This can be a sign that they are not studying at the right level.

“Just-Right” Level of Study

The just-right level of study is the optimum level for each student to develop their academic and self-learning ability. It can be a comfortable level or a challenging one, depending on what is best for each student at different stages in their Kumon journey. Our Instructors are constantly considering timing and accuracy by evaluating whether your child needs less work, more work, or that extra review to help them get ahead.

What remains constant, however, is that the “just-right” level must always be a level at which students can repeatedly experience a sense of accomplishment and progress on their own without being taught. Kumon Instructors continually challenge students to grow by gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the worksheets they assign, while also noticing and considering the increases in each student’s level of academic ability.

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